This weeks PR Coverage is here!

Once again, we have had a super week at Catalyst PR where it comes to coverage. It of course helps that we have some amazing hair, beauty and lifestyle brands to work with! We get so excited when we see our amazing brands in so many magazines and online, that we have to share it with you! And this is just a taste of the amazing coverage we’ve gotten this week.

We saw the amazing L’kerabelle in Stylist. L’kerabelle regular shampoo is brilliant for regular swimmers and all hair types if you want shiny, healthy hair, and who doesn’t?


Brides Abroad shouted about Dr.PAW PAW as their miracle go to cream for everyone’s big day, from lips, nails to flyaway hair. It also popped up in tried and tested in Star Magazine.


Phytomer Eye Perfection was named as a “non surgical eye lift” in Style to zap dark circles and lift eyes.


Our hair clients were all over the industry magazines, with Michelle Griffin, Orofluido and Revlon in Salon Professional

PicMonkey Collage

Michelle Griffin is well known as the Queen of Hair Extensions and spent time passing her skills on to competition winners in her Hair Academy in Birmingham

Orofluido has been the secret weapon of session stylists and in every fashion save ladies for years. Salon Business celebrated their Christmas Special gift set.

Revlon Professional colour offer the best on trend professional colours for salons.

And LOTS MORE! All in all, it’s been a great week in Catalyst HQ, watch this space to see what the postman drops into Catalyst HQ next!

Lots of love,

Catalyst x