Catalyst has firmly established itself in the Hair and Beauty industry as one of the top London PR agencies in our field. Based in Bromley, Greater London, the Catalyst team take a hands-on, personable approach with all its clients and offer bespoke campaigns and services for everyone.

With an influx in London PR agencies in recent years, Catalyst is certainly not one to ignore with over 15 years’ experience in Hair PR, they are now taking the Food and Beauty PR world by storm. Expanding their clients, contacts and team is something Catalyst are proud to have done in recent months.

Although Catalyst are a London-based PR agency, they have clients from all over the country including London, Leeds, Ireland, Cornwall, Bristol and Surrey which give us a supreme advantage with our contacts with press across the UK. But that’s not where it ends! Catalyst also have solid relationships with all the hair, beauty and food trade titles, a copious amount of consumer media outlets, bloggers and a vast number of international magazines meaning whatever suits your business, we can get you into the market you want.

Catalyst use their wealth of knowledge in PR and Marketing to bring our clients every opportunity possible; we arrange regular journalist meetings to pitch our clients’ profiles, services and products, the team have specific PR actions we carry out on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis’ and hold team meetings three times a week to discuss plans, opportunities and new ideas for our clients.

From a London agency focused solely on PR, Catalyst now also offer services that cover marketing, design, websites and videos giving new and existing clients the opportunity to choose which services they use and ultimately giving them the chance to get an all-encompassing package from Catalyst.

As a London PR agency keen to teach and mentor potential future PR stars, Catalyst are also in the ideal position to offer internships and placements. With a growing client list and keen team members willing to answer any questions, impart wisdom and offer up profuse knowledge, Catalyst would give any budding PR hopeful a fantastic opportunity to excel in the field.

So whatever you’re looking for in terms or yours or your business’ PR and no matter where you’re based, Catalyst is the London PR agency you’ve been looking for. Call us today for a free consultation with one of our PR and Marketing experts and we will devise a personalised campaign that promises to grow awareness and profits for your company.