Social Media

Social Media is an integral part of our PR process here at Catalyst. Ranging from content strategies, account monitoring, advertising, brand collaboration, audience boosting and celebrity/influencer endorsements, Catalyst’s social strategies encompass a wide range of activity which will grow your audience and create brand awareness.

Content Strategies – When taking on a new client, Catalyst will immediately create a content strategy to determine the audience, tone, aim and content of the channel. This includes weekly posts, boosted campaigns and hashtags, which will be approved by the client before activity begins.

Account Monitoring – Catalyst maintain and monitor client’s social channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Using scheduling systems, Catalyst are able to ensure all pages are kept up-to-date with enriched content and respond to any interactions which come through on a daily basis.

Advertising – Catalyst plan designed imagery and copy, which can be boosted to target a particular audience. These boosted posts can be used to promote new products, offers and news, direct to a person based on their age, gender, interests, location and job title and has great results in terms of sales and click through rates.

Brand Collaboration – Partnering with different brands and companies can prove very effective when creating exposure for a brand or product. Catalyst have great contacts within a range of brands, model agencies and events, who regularly partner up to create contra-type agreements, both benefiting through their social channels.

Audience Boosting – Like campaigns can be used to grow an audience on Facebook, targeting people similarly to how a boosted post works. You can choose how much budget you would like to put behind the campaign and run for however long you wish.

Celebrity/Influencer Endorsement – Catalyst regularly work with a range of celebrities and influencers, made possible through our advanced databases. Celebrities/influencers are willing to create content for our social channels either in return for a product/treatment or sponsorship budget.

Catalyst currently work on a range of client’s social channels across all departments and consider ourselves as experts in this field.