Catalyst boasts enviable relationships with journalists, bloggers, influencers and agents to maximise results and awareness for our clients. Whatever the brief, Catalyst will work with their contact base to help clients to achieve their wish lists.

Through face to face meetings, breakfasts, lunches, regular phone, email and social media contact – Catalyst don’t underestimate the power of nurturing these precious relationships.

Journalists – trade, monthly, weekly, national or regional, Catalyst treat all their journalist contacts with respect and in a timely manner. Check out our testimonials page to find out more from some of the leading names in the industry! Our team of PR professionals are constantly on the road visiting journalists, to ensure they have seen the latest launches from our clients.

Catalyst also understand the importance of communicating with journalists in the way they wish; whether via social media, phone calls on certain days or email contact. Messaging remains relevant to the journalist’s content and timeframe, and Catalyst’s team ensure they remain abreast of promotions or new jobs to keep on-top of the constantly changing journalist landscape.

Bloggers/Influencers – Catalyst understand how to work with bloggers, with a team that love reading and engaging with these influential individuals. Relationships with bloggers are looked after in the same way as journalists, face to face meetings, regular opportunities to review products and providing relevant content. Operating through social media and personalised content, Catalyst works with a mass bloggers database that is regularly delighted to engage with our clients’ products or services.

Agents – If clients wish to work with a particular digital influencer or celebrity on a paid for campaign, Catalyst can call upon their agent database to facilitate the best deals for clients.