Catalyst PR have developed a strong celebrity focused angle to their PR strategies to encompass the growing popularity of the celebrity culture. Using a designated celebrity manager, agent and publicist database, Catalyst regularly work on getting their clients talked about and photographed within the celeb-sphere.

Gifting – Using social media and The Handbook (an external service we pay for), we are able to either contact celebrities directly or liaise through their management team to enquire about gifting opportunities. These consist of offering product or a treatment in return for an image or a post on their social channels.

Sponsorship – This works similarly to how we approach gifting opportunities, but instead of offering just a product or treatment, we would work out an exclusive deal between the celebrity and our client to maximise the return. Sponsorship would usually include a number of social posts, along with quotes and interview mentions and is a paid for opportunity.

Events – Catalyst have attended and worked within a number of press rooms and gifting suites at events with a celebrity heavy guestlist. This enables us to directly approach celebrities for photo opportunities for our brands.