Campaign Strategy and Execution

One of the key points to note for the partnership with Catalyst – Catalyst’s approach to the show did not just stop as the show date arrives. Johnny and his Catalyst team attended the show on both days to cater to journalists attending the show, social media was used to its maximum potential by Catalyst by publishing the show events live to the public and to ensure that the press had everything they needed, to make sure press coverage was guaranteed for the next following weeks including reviews and feedback surrounding the anti-ageing debate.

With the show being in its inaugural year, the stakes were incredibly high to get recognition in the world of journalism – it became a strategic and beneficial proposal to hire someone to purely focus their attention on the show. With over 100 exhibitors at the show, it was important to know when to use suitable and relevant approaches to appeal to magazine readerships.

Expert quotes proved to very useful but we were careful to keep the focus on The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty show and to keep the name and details of the show the main emphasis. Hiring extra help really meant that there was a detailed focus on creating the best results for the show– they became a trustworthy expert on the show details and were able to help journalists in every way with preparing their features.


PR Strategy

The debate of cosmetic surgery particularly has never been more relevant than it is today, which means that this is a sensitive element that publications would discuss as the public is interested in hearing about it.

» Catalyst created a media interest storm, featuring the key and controversial subject of BOTOX.

» With the popular debate of natural vs. enhanced, it was important for us to know what would appeal to publications. Many publications were really interested in Botox and other drastic approaches to stop ageing.

» Other media preferred more natural exhibitors that were at the show. At Catalyst, there lies in-depth knowledge of knowing what publications find suitable for their features, including what journalists like and dislike which is key to achieving coverage for the event.


Press Coverage Gained

With an online circulation of 7,801,303 and a newspaper circulation of 1,351,590 the Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty show was a main feature piece in the Metro. With months’ worth of press coverage for the show, one of the biggest pieces that Catalyst are most proud of is the two page feature in the London Metro.

Other key pieces included:


FT – The Weekend Magazine

BBC News Breakfast


YOU Magazine

Woman’s Own


Daily Telegraph


Circulation Figures









or the show, Catalyst also assigned a set list for press attending the show – making sure that the press applied for passes so this meant that it was easy to find out exactly who was interested in attending and with the contact details given, the team could directly give them the information they needed to write their features. TV crews also attended the show and we arranged one on one interviews with the exhibitors.

Website Design

A website for the Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show had already been created a few months before we began working with them, the design and layout of the website was simplistic and not advanced in the latest web technology.

» Catalyst created custom sections in the content management system for adding/editing exhibitors and speakers;

» The exhibitors section allowed the company name, contact name, exhibition stand number, logo, category and description;

» The speakers section provided a way of adding information for each speaker such as the speaker’s name, company name, bio/description, title or position, website, speaking date and time;

» We also provided the ability to change the text on the home page image slider so that as the time and place of the event changed over the years that this would be easy to update;

» The site was fully interactive, allowing exhibitors, journalists and potential visitors to interact and interrogate the site and receive information and communications from all parties involved. The site also contained real time information from the show itself, reported by the Catalyst staff who attended the show.


Social Media

Over the last few years, social media has taken a dramatic turn and created a new route to market and opportunity for the world of PR – with a large percentage of businesses and the general public using social media, the demand for successful and effective social media accessibility has never been more in demand.

» At the start of The Anti-Ageing show, Catalyst’s social media expert was personally assigned the task of creating social media accounts as another tool to reach the general public;

» Constant, news rich newsletters were designed and sent out to the social media tools, including a survey about anti-ageing – this was answered by over 100 online users and inevitably provided accurate statistics about the anti-ageing topic;

» This factual information was later put forward to journalists for their summary of the show and again, the debate on anti-ageing was created due to 18 year olds showing interest in preventing ageing. This action alone, prolonged the coverage for the show after the event, preparing the way for selling the 2014 event, for which the clients has already briefed Johnny and Catalyst;

» As a PR company, the importance of social media plays an important and growing part of raising awareness and accessibility of a brand, all elements put together create a strong
following. Promoting competitions on social media is another way to creative positive interest, one of our Anti-Ageing competitions created over 700 shares on Facebook within the space of a few days.