Campaign Strategy and Execution

After client presentation and a few tweaks, our creative and management team reviewed the company branding, presenting a new, fresh and relevant image that the client loved which was subsequently rolled out into all of Sleek’s communication materials.

We also set about organising a key photo-shoot, arranging studios, negotiating with model agencies, casting the shoot, providing the photographer, make–up artist and stylist and even providing the final image retouching.

Simultaneously, the Catalyst account team were busy negotiating advertisements, advertorials and editorials, placing the new photography and presenting the new Sleek to journalists by desk visits, interviews and brand new releases.

Being charged with the Sleek strategy and budget control of their project, the vision that Sleek and Catalyst agreed was delivered absolutely accurately, on message, quickly and actually, under budget. And, with the campaign still new, Sleek have already reported significant improvements in sales, new market penetration and marketplace attitudes to the brand.

Catalyst’s trademark deep engagement with the Sleek brand and the market’s within which it operates has resulted in a true ROI for the client and has also opened new marketplaces which previously had remained closed for the brand.