This coverage was co-ordinated with the Revlon Professional sales cycles to ensure the right products were covered at the right time to ensure maximum benefit could be derived by their sales teams.

Catalyst also ensured that the coverage was sent on a regular basis to Revlon’s key buyers.

Catalyst signed up high profile hairdresser ambassadors for the brand who now regularly appeared on stage for the company, appear in editorial features and in advertising and act as UK and international creative educators.

Catalyst also ensured that REVLON professional were introduced and became major contributor to the industry associations that play such an important part in Hairdressing in this country.

Catalyst also devised a sales and marketing strategy for the cash and carry marketplace on behalf of Revlon and designed and printed a multitude of sales support materials to ensure that product presence was maximised as an integral part of Revlon’s new profile.

Seven years on, Revlon products have a high profile and, importantly, consistent presence in both trade and consumer press. And equally as important, Revlon’s market share has grown exponentially.