Move over, balayage! It’s All About Pixel Art

Last week saw a media frenzy over the Revlon Professional Neon Collection. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram went into overdrive with the hash tag #xpresionpixel trending with post after post on the next big hair trend; pixelated hair art.

Dubbed ‘Tetris for your hair’ by the Daily Mail Online, the technique used in the Neon Collection involves pixel style graphics being coloured onto your locks.

Inspired by virtual environments to convey a feeling of light and movement, along with pixelated overlaps to create incredible effects.  The colouring technique can either be subtle, using tones similar to your natural hair colour, or much more daring using clashing neon shades.

Catalyst PR invited journalists from The Sun, The Times and SugarScape to Contrasti Hair & Beauty Salon in Paddington to try out this very cool technique. Jen Tippet, Sara Rumens and Dusty Baxter-Wright where all daring enough to let Clare Melling from Revlon Professional apply pixel art to their hair with amazing results!

Blue, pink and violet hues where applied to the hair in square blocks of colour before being blended and cascaded into one another to create the graphic effect.

Why not read what SugarScape had to say about the coolest hair trend of 2015 here.

Would you give the pixelated look a try?