Catalyst Summer Day

On Friday, the Catalyst crew packed up their spades and buckets and headed for the seaside town of Whitstable, for a day of team bonding, sun tanning, food feasting and wine guzzling!

There was doubt amongst the team that the weather wouldn’t hold up, and we’d all be sheltering under brollies looking oh so cool on the beach! But how wrong we were! The weather was glorious, the sun was shining, the sea was glistening, and it was the most perfect weather for a bit of team fun and frolics by the seaside.

It felt like a cute family day out from the offset, our Managing Directors playing the role of the parents, and us, the kids, all hopping onto a train for our day out by the seaside. When we arrived, bellies rumbling, we all headed straight for the restaurant, which our lovely Managing Directors had arranged for us. A gorgeous, rustic English pub with beautiful views of the sea, called The Pearson’s Arms. The food was absolutely divine and beautifully presented, with orders from succulent steak, delicious lamb, crispy duck, and the most amazing pork belly, to fish and chips for those fully embracing the seaside vibe!

After filling our bellies, we all headed towards the beach, where a few even dipped their toes into the water (yes, what were they thinking!). As the sun set over the ocean..Ok ok I’ll stop there!

The day turned out to be a wonderful experience for all, the team had lots of fun bonding, and we are all very much looking forward to the next one! Who knows where we’ll be heading!

Until next time, take care and  enjoy the last of the summer rays (we suggest heading down to a seaside near you!)

Lots of Love,

Catalyst Team x

New Business Wins for Catalyst

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Catalyst and we’re thrilled to announce our newest clients.

Joining our Lifestyle Division are Childsplay Clothing, the one-stop destination for luxury brands for little people. From toddlers to pre-teens, you can find all the latest fashion must haves from the most sought after labels in children’s designer clothes. They are recognised globally as the place to visit for all the latest designer styles for new-born babies, juniors and teenagers.

They offer an exquisite selection of luxurious children’s clothing, footwear and accessories from the world’s leading designer brands. With freshly discovered labels added every season, you can expect new and exclusive designs to express your little one’s individuality.

Childsplay join Catalyst at an exciting time as they are currently in the middle of filming a six-part observational documentary charting their day-to-day life and going on’s for the new free-to-air channel, ITVBe. The series will follow the founding brothers of the business, and will take viewers behind the scenes as next season’s items are selected, new lines launched, shops revamped and amazing clothes sold.

Joining the Catalyst Beauty division is Klapp Cosmetics. With over 30 years of experience and continuous research and development of new high-tech active ingredients and methods, Klapp Cosmetics is a pioneer in the world of beauty and innovative cosmetic treatments. The products are developed for each skin type and skin condition, are suitable for face and body and for both men and women.

With over 27 lines, Klapp Cosmetics are the future of modern skincare producing innovative and nourishing products ahead of their time. The versatile product lines in the range offer a solution for any skin types and problems, hero products include Caviar Powder, Ceremony of Gold,  and Tri Dermis. Klapp Cosmetics ensure you always look good at any age.

For more information on Childsplay Clothing visit, for more information on Klapp Cosmetics visit

Hot Off The Press!

As much as we love summer, it sure does play havoc with our hair! Luckily, our brilliant hair clients are here to save the day, fighting that frizz and taming those tresses. Here at Catalyst PR we’ve been hard at work (as usual!), securing amazing coverage for our hair clients, ensuring their fabulous products are featured in the key media outlets, and the hard work has sure paid off, as they are leading the way in top hair consumer and trade magazines this autumn!

The Hairdresser magazine illustrates the wonderful work of Anne Veck as she recreates hair styles from the 1920s film ‘The Great Gatsby’, and Seanhanna’s Creative Director Skyler McDonald makes an appearance in Hairdresser’s Journal, showcasing her wonderful colourful editorial collection for the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Catwalk. She certainly wowed the crowd!

We’ve also gained coverage for our other fabulous clients, including a half page exclusive on Julieann Parry, Managing Director of Tibby Olivier, as she talks through the clinical trial she commissioned for her Shrinking Violet Body Wrap, as well as revealing the results and an amazing front cover of Hair Magazine for Quif Blast, showcasing how creative you can get with this season’s hottest hair hues.

And our personal favourite, a super cute mention of Dr. Paw Paw in I Love Pop’s August issue as part of there ‘Stuff You’ll Love for Summer’ section, proving that even the kids are down with our amazing multi purpose lip balm!

So now that your hair AND lips are rescued this summer, you can put your feet up and enjoy what’s left of this heat wave! Bye for now!

Catalyst PR Team x


Catalyst’s SkinPep Press Day!

Here at Catalyst we know there’s nothing like getting out and meeting journalists on their home turf to kick-start a brand, so last week we decided to take our newest advanced anti-ageing cosmeceuticals client straight to the press’s doorsteps.

Partnered with our SkinPep skincare expert Jodie Cartner, we organised personalised consultation briefings with NotebookYOU MagazineYahoo! LifestyleYou & Your Weddingand All About You.

We’ve already generated plenty of curiosity and intrigue about the brand from our mailings and sampling, but as SkinPep’s whole range is based on clinically proven peptides and growth factors with almost immediate results, we knew that first-hand experience would have the biggest impact on press…and we weren’t wrong!

Armed with plenty of testers, Jodie was able to give an overview of the science behind the success of these professional standard products, followed by a simple demonstration of layering the different creams and serums on one of their hands for an instant ‘Before & After’ effect.

Most importantly though, this was the perfect opportunity to ask about the specific skincare issues of each publications readers so we could then tailor a regime and focus on the exact products to suit their needs.

It was great to see the journalist’s reactions when they were witnessing the results, but the detailed feedback we received on what products their readers would prefer, upcoming pieces they were working on that would work best for the brand, as well as exploring options of creating features based on SkinPep’s expertise was invaluable.

As a direct result, we’ve secured a handful of press coverage that will appear over the next few months which we’re super excited about and moving forward, we’ve firmly started to form relationships with some newly converted media fans!


Press Day Headers