Phytomer in OK, Top Sante and The Saturday magazine!

We have been with Phytomer for almost two years now, like all of our clients we are thrilled to see them grow and expand. This week we we have seen Phytomer in OK magazine, The Saturday and Top Sante. With such a wide range of products, it is no light task to get the relevant press coverage. Courtney Cox is a big fan of the Phytomer Glycolight Night Contouring Bi-Gel, the gel works as a great tool for reducing the areas on your body that have too much sugar. With summer slowly approaching, this product is the perfect tool for getting bikini ready! In The Saturday magazine, the Crystal Clear Revitalising Tonic has been named as one of the top products to help boost your skin after the winter blues. Finally, in Top Sante, journalist Laura Jane Macbeth visited a spa in Peeblesshire which stocks a range of Phytomer products.  We are really happy with her review and it is lovely to see Phytomer in these top publications!  

Chelsea Beautique in New! magazine and Orofluido in Pride!

Another great week of coverage at Catalyst HQ, we are very excited to see the new spring make-up trends popping up, with the sun shining it is time to reach for your Flori Roberts bronzer! Black Hair are big fans of Flori Roberts so it’s lovely to see them in this months issue!  In Pride magazine, they have featured the brand new Orofluido Super Light shine spray, this is perfect for keeping your hair smooth and glossy. In new! magazine they featured the Chelsea Beautique hair chalks that are ideal for creating Vanessa Hudgen’s look. Hair and beauty products are always needed when trends come around – especially when celebrities are sporting that particular trend. As a PR agency, we understand what an impact celebrities have and how influential they can be. Hair chalks have been making a big comeback this year and with spring time slowly approaching, now is the perfect time to get creative!


Nail Harmony in Glamour, Flori Roberts in Closer and KoKou in Now!

At the start of the month we are always excited to see the new monthly magazines – what’s not to love? Celeb gossip, new catwalk trends and the newest beauty buys. This month we have Nail Harmony on the pages of Glamour magazine with a 25% discount in Dorset at The Nail Workshop. The offer is exclusively available for a Gelish pedicure. The LED lamp allows the nail polish to set quickly and also the Gelish polishes are always very vibrant – perfect for spring when the sandals are coming out! Flori Roberts has been featured in Closer magazine, make-up artist Pauline Briscoe recommends the Flori Roberts Primer to create a perfect base for foundation. The Flori Roberts primer prevents shine and keeps skin make-up lasting longer. On the hair side of products, KoKou’s Ionic Vegas hair straightener was featured in this weeks Now magazine. Beauty columnist Louis Boroditsky absolutely loved the straighteners for his feature on actress Anna Kendrick. As well as keeping your hair smooth and silky, you can also use the straighteners to create edgy, bed hair waves – a definite favourite on the catwalk shows at the moment! We are thrilled to see our beauty clients in the top UK women’s magazines, have you picked up your copies yet?        Consumer PR

Sleek hair in Closer magazine!


Another great week for our hair and beauty clients! Closer magazine love the Sleek fringe for their Kylie Jenner feature! Kylie is definitely paving her way as the Queen of edgy style in the Kardashian family. Sleek have a range of hair pieces that can instantly create your favourite celebrity looks. From a PR perspective, understanding that beauty lovers want fast and instant results is really important, Sleek is ideal for creating bold hair styles with out having to pop into the salon! Pro Hair & Beauty also featured Nail Harmony and their essential products for keeping your nails pampered and perfect for Spring. Perfect Wedding also featured the event Scratch Stars in their latest issue, we are thrilled to see Sarah Marr on the expert panel. Scratch Stars will be taking place in a few months time so we are really excited to help promote, organise and raise awareness of the event!