Diary Of A Beauty PR Girl – Raising Awareness

I have been working for Catalyst for almost 11 months now – eek! Time is really flying by, which also means I’ve had time to see how our clients have progressed and expanded. From the Daily Mail to Cosmopolitan, the press really have such a huge impact with the brands we look after. One of my first clients is Reamin – a hand cream for professionals which is created to fight against dermatitis. Now, this was purely a professional based brand but as Reamin has started to grow and develop, it is now becoming a health editor favourite in the consumer press. Last week, Reamin was featured in the Daily Mail as the best product for battling skin issues. It’s a lovely feeling seeing your client in the health section of the Daily Mail – one of the most popular newspapers in the UK! Although we understand the importance of consumer PR, we also understand how beneficial the trade publications are. The trade can really break down the science behind a brand like Reamin and how the cream can benefit salon professionals.  I can’t wait to see where Reamin will be in another years time!

Colour Project – End of Year Photo Shoot

On Monday 19th August, Catalyst where invited to attend the most anticipated part of the Colour Project and witness some of the UK’s young hairdressing talent, led by their team leader and hair expert Michelle Griffin.

The colour project took place at Wella Academy in Mortimer Street, London, where the students put together a photo shoot made up of their own collections.

Sharon Peake, who has established herself in the BHA hall of fame and had tons of experience to share, worked closely with the students and set the brief for the photo shoot. The students then used the brief, which was 60’s and 70’s Sci –Fi films and inspirations they had picked up throughout the monthly workshops, to create exciting styles.

‘’ The students have been fantastic throughout the Colour Project workshops, today they are combining all of the skills they have learned and adding their own vision, taking all the new techniques to the next level to produce a gorgeous hair collection which will be professionally shot. The aim is to learn how to put together a successful collection and master the art of showcasing it through strong set of photographs.’’ – commented Michelle Griffin.

The end result of the Colour Project was amazing, with the collections being of such high quality. We expect to see them in all the glossy magazines in the near future!


Catalyst Welcomes Macadamia Natural Oil


Good morning everyone!

We are very excited to announce that Catalyst will now be handling all of the consumer and trade PR for Macadamia Natural Oil.
Macadamia Natural Oil is a hair care and styling brand which combines two of the world’s rarest and most valuable oils to provide the ultimate in hair rejuvenation. Both Macadamia and Argan Oil are used to create extremely lightweight and highly absorbent products making the Macadamia Natural Oil product line unique and very effective. Perfect to keep your locks looking their best!
With a wide range of care and styling products as well as accessories and gift sets, the Macadamia products are pure luxury. Each and every one of the products contain rich oils which are vital to hair health and are specially crafted to revive damaged hair, smooth and eliminate frizz, heal, rejuvenate and extend the life of coloured of hair. Most of the products also reduce blow dry time by up to a whopping 50% – something that we all need!


Catalyst Summer Day

We all love the summer months here at Catalyst, especially as we seem to be having a relatively good one this year, so imagine our excitement when a ‘Catalyst Summer Day’ event popped up in our calendars. Johnny wanted to show off his culinary skills and invited us round to his lovely home in the leafy suburbs of Bromley for a BBQ!

The whole team spent the afternoon (and much of the evening!) soaking up the sun rays, listening to music, discussing the exciting work we are doing with our clients and enjoying the amazing gourmet barbecue cuisine Johnny prepared for us.

We all had a great time and would like to thank the Paterson family for organising such a wonderful day for us all. THANK YOU!!

Meet The Team – Marian


Good morning everyone! Here’s the first instalment of our ‘Meet the team’ feature, where we will be introducing you to all of our lovely Catalyst people!

So, firstly we would like to introduce you to Marian…

1. What is your favourite film?

2. Favourite meal?
Salad Paysanne

3. What hobbies do you have outside of work?

4. Do you have any pet peeves?
Nail biting

5. What is your favourite clothing brand?

6. What is your daily beauty/grooming routine?
Facial wash and moisturise. Ex foliate once a week

7. Describe your role at Catalyst?
Financial Director

8.Do you have a ‘proudest moment’ at Catalyst?
I have lots of moments when I have felt proud. I am happy and proud each day when I arrive at work and see the happy smiling faces of the staff members.

Catalyst Clients Nominated for British Hairdressing Awards

Good Morning Everyone! It’s a beautiful day at Catalyst HQ and not just because of the weather. Yesterday it was announced that five of our clients were nominated for a BHA (British Hairdressing Award), which is the industry equivalent to an OSCAR…how exciting!?

Alexander Turnbull from Alexander Hair & Beauty has been nominated for Artistic Team of the Year and he has also been nominated for North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year.

Craig Chapman from Craig Chapman Hair Design had been nominated for Afro Hairdresser of the Year and also Wales and South West Hairdresser of the Year, whilst Kayleigh De Vries from Craig Chapman Hair Design has been nominated for Newcomer of the Year!

Anne Veck from Anne Veck Salons has been nominated for Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year and Southern Hairdresser of the Year, with Emmanuel Esteban from Anne Veck Salons being nominated for Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year.

Lucie Manbillard from Seanhanna had been nominated for London Hairdresser of the Year and Michelle Griffin from Michelle Griffin Academy has been nominated for Midlands Hairdresser of the Year.

So we would like to say a huge congratulations to you all, fingers crossed and the best of luck in November.