New Clients at Catalyst!


So, after a very busy few months at Catalyst HQ with everyone working extremely hard in the office, we are delighted to announce that we have three new clients that have joined the Catalyst family! They are: Beauty Companies Association (BCA), Eva Professional and Celeb Lashes. The BCA is a non-profit organisation, acting as a voice for the beauty industry – they give advice and tips, through meetings and events, to industry members. We will be handling both the trade and consumer press for the organisation as well as the PR for all upcoming events, which is very exciting.

Eva Professional, another new client of ours, consists of various hair care ranges including specifically designed products targeting common hair problems, styling ranges, a professional bleaching system and a permanent ammonia-free professional hair colour range.  We will be looking after the trade, consumer and regional PR for Eva Professional across the UK and Ireland.

Also joining our beauty accounts is Celeb Lashes, with celebrity fans such as Lucy Mecklenburgh, Lydia Rose Bright and the Geordie Shore girls it’s no wonder that Lash Boutique are taking the beauty industry by storm. Made from real human hair, Lash Boutique have 12 different lash styles that are perfect for any occasion. Because the Lash Boutique range is made from human hair, the quality is much more authentic.

It’s great having a variety of different hair and beauty companies to work with from salons to products, events to associations, no day is ever the same and there is always something exciting happening. We can’t wait to start working on our new clients and show them what we have to offer.


Diary Of A Beauty PR Girl – Knowing Our Brands

When I first started working at Catalyst I really found out how important it is to know your industry, beauty and hair is what we specialise in so it’s imperative to be passionate about it! What I really love about Catalyst is the fact that some of the brands we look after have been with us for over 15 years! So as you can imagine we really get to know the brands inside out, I think people have a lot of misconceptions about the PR industry, we don’t just sit on the phone all day to journalists pushing a product from a handbook! For cosmetics and hair brands in particular, we really get to understand the science behind the products – we need to be really educated in how our brands work, from the key ingredients to the unique product point.

Since being at Catalyst I understand a range of different aspects of the beauty industry, such as what product types are best suited for afro hair or what ingredients in skin care products are more beneficial for sensitive skin. It doesn’t just stop at knowing the ingredients though, we need to completely understand who the products target market is and what magazines suit what product. It would be slightly odd pitching a face cream to a garden trade magazine, and before you ask – no I haven’t done this! It feels really nice to know pretty much every consumer and trade magazine and what demographics they have – I was pretty unaware of how trade publications worked before I got to Catalyst, I didn’t know how beneficial they were for our hairdressers and other brands! They focus on the background of the hairdresser rather than just what services they offer in their salon. What else do you think makes you understand a brand better?

Coverage Highlights

Good afternoon everyone! With the lovely weather shining, we thought we would show you the latest coverage that we have put together for our fabulous clients – it’s been incredibly busy here in the office at the moment so its lovely to just sit back and appreciate the lovely press coverage our clients are featured in. To start with, one of the highlights for our clients is Nail Harmony – Jazz was recently featured in Bliss magazine for her work with Little Mix, Jazz was lucky enough to give the girls a Gelish make over! Nail Harmony was also featured in Glamour magazine this month for their 12 Catwalk Beauty Boosts feature – Glamour recommend Nail Harmony in Norfolk for a beauty pamper session. Our clients Revlon Professional and Metropolis were also featured in Hairdressers Journal last week, the unique and refreshing images were styled by Robert Masciave. Keep checking our blog for more coverage from our clients, we regularly update our Facebook and Twitter page with our latest coverage.   

Diary Of A Beauty PR Girl – Becoming Organised

A lot has been happening at Catalyst HQ – I have officially been at Catalyst for 9 months! For today’s post, I wanted to talk about what I’ve learnt from being here…beware, I’ve learnt a lot – prepare for some serious rambling! One of the reasons why I feel so lucky to be at Catalyst is the team, I’ll be honest, I always had this idea that being at university meant I learnt enough about the beauty industry. It does sound crazy, but I thought working in an office would be pretty straight forward – I definitely take that back! In the past few months, I feel like I really understand the importance of being organised, I literally can’t leave my house without a notebook with a to do list planned out! Before I joined Catalyst, I was terrible at procrastinating but because I now have responsibilities looking after clients, I don’t have time to stress and put things off so it really has improved my attitude to things. Becoming organised is definitely one of the main things that I’ve learnt about, I know how to structure my day and get tasks done, its a lovely feeling knowing that I can handle a variety of different tasks and I have the experience from learning from such a great team. But I think one thing you can’t be taught is how to get on and work with people, I’m really lucky that we get on so well here! I know in the beauty industry it can sometimes be quite competitive but at Catalyst we actually help each other and encourage each other to work better! What is the one thing you’ve learnt from your office? Do you think your office improves your organisation skills?