Diary Of A Beauty PR Girl – Internships

Good afternoon all! How has everyone’s bank holiday been? For today in the Diary of a Beauty PR Girl series, I wanted to talk about the big step from intern to account handler and my general advice for having a successful internship. I’ve had quite a few emails asking me how I got my job as a junior account handler at Catalyst, I mean I pinch myself everyday with how lucky I am. I know quite a few friends at university who graduated with a 2:1 degree like myself, but have struggled to find a job remotely close to what they actually studied in. There are even people who unfortunately still haven’t found employment even after a year of graduating, so I would like to talk about my journey from student to junior account handler.

After I graduated, I immediately had work experience lined up with Red magazine, Nuts and More! Magazine – obviously they were not fully paid jobs, but the time I spent at each publication really helped me gain valuable experience in an office environment and paved the way to the job I have now. After a few months in the journalism world, I had an internship at a beauty PR company for a month, it was an amazing opportunity to learn more about the PR and product side to the beauty industry which has always been my main passion.

I applied for an internship at Catalyst and I have been here for 8 months! It is crazy how fast the time has gone and more importantly I feel completely different from when I left university, personally, I think there are two different types of degrees you can have to secure a stable job position, one is your university degree and the other is what I call “the office degree”. Being able to work in an office positively and successfully is not as straight forward as it sounds and I do think it can make a difference learning “office etiquette”. My first lesson I learned was to listen and observe, I’m really lucky to have such a great team around me, our Managing Director Johnny and my PR manager have really changed my perspective on dealing with situations that can also apply to general life problems such as bills and money etc.

One of my most useful and inspiring moments was when I was lucky enough to attend a negotiation meeting with Johnny, although it’s usually hard for me to pick a moment where I can say “yep, I’ve learnt something there”, I can safely say seeing Johnny talk about the beauty industry has really helped me understand the concept of negotiating and strategizing. Another point that I really don’t think is explained enough is that there is no such thing as a small job! There have been countless cases where I have seen interns not understanding how important the simple tasks are, yes scanning press coverage and making tea for your boss doesn’t seem life changing but it really does help you understand the way things work. A big grin and a cup of tea for your boss will never go a miss, your boss does run an entire company after all! I feel so, so lucky that he has been able to teach me so much in such a short space of time and I really think it shows when you can problem solve even the smallest issues! My main tips include writing down notes non-stop, going out of your way to help the team, and wearing a smile is optional but it does help J What are your tips for having a great internship? I’d love to hear them!

Diary Of A PR Girl – Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty

I’m still quite new to the beauty PR world so to see a company join Catalyst at the same time as me and then see it grow over 8 months really is incredible. I can vividly remember being told that we will be looking after a show called The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show – it was the first show of its kind in the UK so we were literally starting from scratch. Fast forward a few months and we had the show being discussed on the BBC television, the Guardian, the Metro and even the Financial Times! One of the many perks of my job involve working behind awards shows and other events – so as you can imagine, being behind The Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show was unbelievable, yes…I really am a lucky girl!

We arrived to greet the press and before you ask…there was a buffet of sandwiches. Now, when the show began I was really overwhelmed by how huge the Olympia hall was (not just from the buffet table) and the variety of health and beauty brands that were exhibiting. Over 11,300 people attended the event and although you may find it strange that a 22 year old enjoyed an Anti-Ageing show so I really want to talk about why this show has really changed my outlook on the beauty and skin care world. We had many amazing guest speakers that spoke to the visitors and they all went through the importance of prevention – looking after your skin and body doesn’t start just when you hit 40 or 50!

Brands and speakers that were at the show included Dr.Nick Lowe, Dr. Terry Loong, Jamela Skin Care and Alice Hart Davis – just to name a few! I feel so lucky to have been a part of the show and to say I’ve learnt another aspect of the crazy and wonderful world of beauty PR is amazing. Now, you may think a job of a PR stops as soon as the show ends, but that’s when we really work overtime! A press release is sent out instantly to all of the journalists, the information and statistics are all prepared so the journalists can have all the right information ready. So with the Scratch Awards, Salon International, Professional Beauty and Olympia Beauty approaching soon – it’s safe to say awards and events are a big part of beauty PR!

Diary Of A Beauty PR Girl

There has always been a lot of fascination about beauty PR, I mean it’s behind everything we see on a day to day basis right? From products in magazines, celebs at red carpet events and even snazzy Sony laptops in James Bond movies – yes, since starting at Catalyst 8 months ago, I have now become observant! It’s hard to find a big brand that doesn’t have a helping hand behind it. After being at Catalyst, it’s made me realise the real impact that beauty PR has and how every day is unpredictable. So I wanted to give you the inside scoop on what goes on here… a real “behind the scenes” into the fabulous and exciting world of PR. My journey from ditzy University student to a grown up(ish) hair and cosmetic Junior Account Handler – what could possibly go wrong?

Okay so let’s start with my all-time highpoint at Catalyst – how about sipping champagne and eating caviar at a private after party for Donna Karan? Yesmin O’Brien from seanhanna salons styled the models hair for Donna’s new collection and I was sent there to take pictures and interview everyone! Now before I go on, I must be honest…by the end of the night, the waiters holding the caviar trays did just stand around me, but besides from my obsession with food – the show was incredible. To think that the seanhanna team were behind the hairstyles for this catwalk show really did fascinate me – it really made me think about the whole process of brands and trends. The product is designed (by the designer…duh), an event is held (and organised by their PR) the media and press attend (and the PR make sure they have everything they need to cover the story) then the hairstylists and make-up artists help influence the trends that are seen in magazines! An incredible amount of work goes into promoting brand awareness and I feel so grateful to be part of the busy and fabulous world of the beauty industry! I will posting weekly updates of my journey so keep your eyes peeled!

Phytomer is on a winning roll!

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Achieving beautiful skin should no longer be an issue amongst any person this summer! With a light scent of gentle rose and jasmine fragrance, this facial values at £120 and is suited all different skin types making it perfect for everyone. So whether are an oily, combination or dry skin kind of girl, release your skin’s potential this season by booking yourself in for a luxurious treatment.

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