Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show receives huge exposure!


Greeting the pages of the Metro, our client, the Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show, was recently mentioned in Amy Dawson’s fascinating article on the topic of Botox. With a high number of over a million readers each day and captivating content which covers the subjects of  entertainment, listings, weather and travel, the coverage proved to be a fantastic opportunity for those readers worried about the ageing process to come along to the Anti-Ageing Health & Beauty Show.Towards the end of the article, it went on to ask a range of girls about their opinions on the ageing process and cosmetic procedures, voicing the worries amongst the younger generation.

If you are worried or concerned with the ageing process, come along to the Anti-Ageing Health & Show taking place on the 11th and 12th May at London’s Olympia. The show’s many highlights will include guest speakers Dr Nick Lowe and information on the latest procedures to hit the beauty industry.  Get expert advice from the professionals themselves from a wide variety of beauty specialists available at the show to express your concerns to. The show will not only be featuring treatments and samples available for guests to try, but will educating and showing them development techniques to delay the ageing process. Guests will also be able to receive discounts and prizes on many of the treatments and products featured at the show.

For more information on the show please visit or phone 020 3586 4120

GHD Event with the Fellowship Colour Project

On the 26th March, our Junior Account Handler, Jade Leech, attended a GHD event project with leader Michelle Griffin and mentor Alan Austin-Smith from The Fantastic Hairdresser on behalf of the Fellowship Colour Project group. Alan spoke with the group about presentation skills and how to feel confident when presenting hair tutorials on stage, this was achieved by looking at the team’s state of mind, confidence, breathing techniques and how they generally spoke and connected with their audience. Alan described how passion is a key tool for being an interesting public speaker, as sharing your passion with people in the hair industry will allow audiences to relate to you more.

Speaking about why he finds Colour Project classes so important, Alan explained “For me, anything I do, I’m passionate about teaching people who want to learn and want to grow. I think if there is anything I can do to help someone expand as a hairdresser and as a salon owner I will be happy to guide them. I like doing it because I care about the industry and to be able to spend a day with a group of students when they have travelled incredibly far to learn something makes me more than happy to help them.”

After Alan finished his presentation, renowned hairdresser, Michelle Griffin, made the team share their mood boards that were inspired by fashion houses. One of the mood boards was inspired by the Spring/Summer collection from Marc Jacobs, it involved a lot of inspiration from the 60’s and the colour tones that were seen from Marc Jacobs collection. The overall inspiration of the mood boards focused on fashion designers, including Christopher Kane, Vera Wang and Gucci. Whilst presenting their mood boards, the class also re-introduced themselves to build their confidence and used their newly learnt skills from Alan to engage with the rest of the class.

Speaking about the class, Jenny Pelter from Westrow Salon, in Leeds said “Obviously today you first start off a little bit uneasy on presenting but Alan has just given us a massive insight on how to present ourselves and how to develop our new skills.” So if you’re an inspiring hairdresser-to-be, prepared to be fearless – not fearful!

Amazing coverage for Anne Veck!






Our client Anne Veck has had a fantastic week! The launch of the new Anne Veck Eco Salon has taken the press by storm; features have appeared in this month’s Creative Head, Professional Hairdresser and Hairdresser’s Journal (not to mention all the online and regional coverage, both received and upcoming).

In order to generate this fantastic coverage for my client – I needed to engage the press, make them aware of the Eco Salon’s ethos, and all the business benefits it carries. The Eco salon launch has three fantastic story angles behind it – it has a fabulous interior, an industry inspiring business story, and above all has a relevant ecological aspect. Pitching in all these elements to the press, has helped to generate tremendous interest, which was later followed up with press trips to the salon, and engaging telephone interviews with Anne Veck. This has resulted in the fantastic interiors, business and eco angled coverage across top industry titles, making the Anne Veck Eco salon the most talked about salon in the hairdressing industry.

Three client features in Marie Claire!

Marie Claire’s cover page for their May edition

Marie Claire’s ‘Workplace Warrior’ feature

 With its first publication in 1937, the prestigious Marie Claire still continues to keep a strong following,  encouraging and educating its readers about the latest trends particularly in the beauty and fashion industry – and continuing to fill the beauty pages of this months publication was yours truly!

Catalyst saw not one, not two, but three of our clients featured in the May edition of their magazine this week! Trichologist, Iain Sallis, Jazz Smedley from Nail Harmony, and Annette Close from Phytomer were all included on their ‘Workplace Warriors’ piece, where they gave readers expert advice on ways to salvage their hair, skin and nails to those working in an office environment. So if you wish to start anew this Spring and suffer from dry hair, brittle nails or frequent breakouts – don’t forget to pick up your copy this week and finally banish those beauty problems away!








Orofluido’s debut in OK! Magazine


This week has seen great coverage for our client Orofluido who has been featured in the famous OK! magazine. Spread across a full A4 page, the beauty elixir was placed right in the middle of the collection of oils, debuting itself as a ‘wonder oil’. Congregating among other luxurious brands such as Kérastase and Ojon, Orofluido has certainly earned it’s place amongst the prestigious hair oil community and ceases to stop impressing those who try it.

With its light and weightless formula, it transforms dull and lifeless hair into shiny locks through its unique fusion of ingredients which includes: Argan, Linseed and Cyperus oil.  With its sweet vanilla scent and opulent packaging – it’s hard not to love this oil! In addition to this, it can also be used on towel-dry hair and dry hair, making it the perfect companion to use in between washes in order to maintain your luscious locks.

Purchase your bottle now on 0208 399 5624