Fantastic Coverage in The Lady Magazine

The Lady magazine is the oldest women’s magazine in the UK and has been in publication since 1885! The Lady LOVES our client Organic Golden Camellia Oil! See for yourself in the April issue out now!

Organic  Golden Camellia Oil is 100% natural multi purpose oil.  Extracted from the seeds of the Camellia oleifera plant, Organic Golden Camellia is the finest natural plant oil for human skin. Containing vitamins A, B, D and E, polyphenols and other anti-oxidants, Organic Golden Camellia acts as a perfect sebum substitute (the skin’s first line of defence), mirroring the skins sebum production it helps replenish lost moisture, something no other oil can do naturally.

Suitable for use on your face, hair and body, this multi-purpose beauty gem is truly outstanding, and will provide you with many solutions to everyday problems!  No wonder  it had found it’s way onto The Lady Loves pages.

How do I find new customers?

It’s so important that we look after our existing business, likewise it’s just as crucial that we continue to look for new customers. In this article I will give you 5 great tips on how to find new customers BUT before we do that consider:

  • Is your business ready to receive new customers anyway? If your business doesn’t look the part then consider spending money on a refit, branding or a consultant to advise you on how to take the business forward.
  • What’s the culture of your company? Have you taken a stance on how you will approach your customers ie professional, happy perhaps but positive all the time.
  • Is there a client journey process? This is crucial. This means you know the process of what, how your client will feel each step of the way as they experience your business.

With these factors taken into account and you feeling and knowing they are sound, here are my 5 top tips on how to resolve ‘How do I find new customers’

  1. Recommendation – Recommendation is the single biggest marketing tool you have. Look after your customers and they will rave about you so help them along the way with incentives for recommending your business to others with a discount or cash-back on their next purchase with you.
  2. Make sure your website is optimised for google – Gone are the days of people looking for plumbers through the Yellow Pages – people just google it! Search your field with where you live and see if your business comes up if at all? Solve this issue by contacting a reputable web company who can offer and a sound SEO service. To be clear, SEO has changed much so ask the web company to help you with those changes which include less spammy content.
  3. Review Sites – 21st Century marketing is all about ‘The Customer’. Never before have they had such power. Of course they could always vote with their feet but now the general public can write reviews and give you a star rating on sites such as Trip Advisor, Trust a Trader and Trusted Salon. If you have bad reviews on any of these sites or sites like it you could literally have customers turning away from your business. Solve this problem by asking your clients to write great reviews for you and your business NOW.
  4. Become and authority in your field – People will pay for a top notch service if they trust you and there is no better way to do this than to get your local paper to feature you as a monthly or weekly expert – call the newspaper editor and tell them your skill set and explain why their readers would love to read your advice.
  5. Leafleting – It’s an oldie AND its a goodie – Leaflets are still very powerful especially if they are dropped through front doors of houses. However, the leaflet must have a feel and look of quality. Consider calling a graphic design agency like US and have a professional design. Make sure the offer is strong and clear and that the print quality is top notch. My advice, print a DL size, 300 gsm leaflet on silk paper. Other ways to handout leaflets include outside train stations (check with the council, there maybe a small charge)
To find out more information on ‘Find New Customers’ call 020 3657 9848 or email

Alexander Turnbull makes a cut for charity

Last weekend on 7th February 2013 our client Alexander Turnbull cut the hair of a 10 year old girl – Callie Stephenson. Callie had her waist long hair cut off to a short bob, her locks are to be donated for Little Princesses Trust – a charity that provides hair to make wigs for children suffering from hair loss across UK and Ireland. Callie was also seeking public contributions in support of the charity for her hair being cut off. Callie’s haircut was filmed by a local TV news station ITV Calendar as well as covered by Hull Mail. Callie was inspired to cut her hair after seeing her friend Ruby losing all of her hair to cancer. Having heard the courageous decision of the young child, Alexander Turnbull stood besides Callie in support to her cause while using his established hairdressing industry influence and with help of Catalyst PR to attract local media to cover the hair cut event, in turn aiding to boost Callie’s fundraising.The involvement in Callie’s cause is very close to Alexander’s heart, having helped many people both male and female through his ‘Bespoke Wig Service’, offered at Alexander’s Hair and Beauty. ‘Callie’s cause runs parallel to my own desire to support my clients throughout any difficult stage of their life. I wanted to invest my skills as an established hairdresser to restore their confidence, when at an all time low. Callie is a very brave little girl who at such young age has committed herself to helping others. I am absolutely honoured to have been able to aid Callie in her plea.’ – Said Alexander Turnbull

Check out Alexander Turnbull cutting Callie’s hair on ITV Calendar News

Catalyst PR Coverage

It’s an amazing week for our client Uniq1, check out the fabulous coverage in this week’s Grazia and Look magazines featuring Uniq1 Balm – a multi purpose all in one sulphate free shampoo. So why are beauty editors going crazy for Uniq1 Balm??! This product works for every hair type imaginable! Whether your hair is thick, fine, long, short, coloured or afro Uniq1 Balm will make it make it glossy, healthy and easily manageable. The sulphate free formula means that the balm is gentle and kind to your hair perfect for damaged or coloured hair as it does not strip off the natural oils from the hair cuticles – no wonder it seems to be the must have of the week!