KOKO seanhanna Awards 2012

On Monday night, the Seanhanna team hosted the 2012 seanhanna awards at the luxurious KOKO venue in Camden. As well as celebrating the various award winners, Sean and Skyler McDonald (the creative director), hosted a fabulous and inspiring runway show that displayed their unique talents. The awards celebrated 30 years of the brand and allowed the seanhanna team to show what inspires them and how they create their favourite looks. Sean gave a brief history of the seanhanna franchise and how it grew into the enormous empire that it is today. Yesmin O’Brien, the artistic director, also demonstrated a range of different looks including hairstyles that revolved around huge volume. When it came to presenting the awards, a range of high profile hairdressers and journalists proudly hosted each category, among the presenters was Marie Claire journalist Olivia Cox and hairdresser Robert Masciave. Congratulations to all of the winners and the nominees, they all work incredibly hard!

Salon of the year – Bristol

Creative Image Award Avant Garde – Lucie Monbillard

Creative Image Stylist Award – Lucie Monbillard

Creative Image Award for Colourists – Lucie Monbillard

Creative Image of the year – Jodie Brain

Manager of the year – Jacqui Pankhurst

Stylist of the year – Lisa Jane Massey

People’s Choice Award – Victoria Bowyer

Edward Bywaters Award – Charlotte Southward

Special Recognition Award – Michelle Williamson

Receptionist of the year Award – Samantha Lynn

Outstanding Condtribution of the year award – Danielle Branton

Retail Receptionist of the year award – Punam Patel

Retail Stylist of the year award – Lisa Jane Massey

The Alternative Hair Show

A few weeks ago, Catalyst visited The Alternative Hair Show to see a range of fabulous hairdressers. The Alternative Hair Show was held at the beautiful Royal Albert Hall as it celebrated its 30th anniversary. All money raised was given to a charity to support the battle against leukaemia and over the years, the Alternative Hair Show has raised over £8.5 million. The theme of the show was all about legends and when the show started it began with an range of iconic hairdressers making their way to the stage. Included in the introduction was Vidal Sassoon’s son, who gave a heartfelt speech about the legacy of his father who sadly passed away in May. As the show began, a range of different collections were debuted, all displaying a variety of different looks. Catalyst clients that were included at the show were Anne Veck and Robert Masciave. From sharply cut bobs to giant curls, every extreme and glamorous look was included on the catwalk. Each collection had a very strong vibe, one of our personal favourites was Mario Krankl from Austria – the collection was called Cybergold.


Hair & Beauty Coverage

This month we have been incredibly busy getting coverage for all of our clients, we look after countless brands and we are proud of every single one of them. We wanted to share with you the latest coverage that we have got for our clients, the magazines featured range from trade, consumer and websites. We feel that it is vital to appeal to every type of market, especially if it gives the brands the popularity it deserves. This month we have been included in a large amount of magazines, to name a few we have been in there is Glamour, Bliss, Hairdressers Journal, Pride – so as you can see, we reach a range of different publications.

Michelle Griffin and Craig Chapman

Beever – Daily Revive 
Black & White – Hair Dressing Pomade

Beever, Craig Chapman, Uniq1 and Revlon Professional

Organic Golden Camellia Oil

Congratulations Suncoat Winning A Pure Beauty Award!

Here at Catalyst HQ, we are all very proud of our clients. We work very hard to make sure they get the coverage and care that they deserve, so we are incredibly proud to announce that our client Suncoat, won the Pure Beauty Silver Award at the Pure Beauty awards. The award was for the fabulous Suncoat Gel Nail Polish Remover – so congratulations to Suncoat, we’re all very proud! The award was for the Best New Nail Innovation, and the completion was very fierce so we’re incredibly happy that they were awarded silver!  This fabulous nail polish remover works especially to leave your nails perfectly cleansed and neat. It effortlessly removes any nail varnish that you have and it also conditions the nail. The unique gel formula means there are no nasty ingredients in the formula that can damage your nails and skin area. The award categories ranged from the Best New Bath and Shower Product to the Best New Foundation Product – so we’re incredibly proud that Suncoat won Silver in their category!


Welcome Doll Haircare to Catalyst PR!

It’s been a busy month here at Catalyst HQ, Doll Haircare has recently welcomed a new client who we’re incredibly excited about. Doll Hair Care have been taking the hair industry by storm.

The WonderStyler
The WonderStyler flat iron is definitely getting added to our Christmas list this year! When set on the ‘Fibre’ setting, these straighteners can style synthetic hair without causing it to burn. The sleek design and 3 metre swivel cord can definitely help you create different hair styles without you having to be glued to your plug socket!

The Twiddlestic
The Twiddlestic’s are next on our wish list, these really are the ultimate hair straightener accessory. Simply wrap your hair around the Twiddlestic and gently press your flat iron around it. Then voila! Instant curls that are perfectly styled, long lasting and full of shine.

The QuickDry Brushes
Last but certainly not least are the QuickDry brushes, these babies are perfect for giving your hair the ultimate blow dry. What makes them so unique? They are made from carbon, which helps the hair dry 50% faster, is perfect for improving the condition of your hair. The quality of these tools can help you achieve a variety of beautiful looks, that have all be salon approved and seen on the catwalks! Whether you want  Taylor Swift curls or glossy locks like the fabulous Kim Kardashian, Doll Haircare has the tools and talent to help you create whatever look you desire.

We’re really excited about working with Doll Haircare, here at Catalyst we are incredibly proud of all of our clients so we’re really looking forward to see Doll Haircare go even further! Keep an eye out for all the news and updates on Doll Haircare on their website, Facebook and on our blog. They will also be at Professional Hairdresser Live 2013, will we be seeing you there?