How much does PR cost?

Here’s a biggie, how much does PR cost? I could be trite and fire back a typical PR persons diversionary press conference answer – “how much will it cost not to do PR” but I won’t, I promise.

The real answer lies with the type of PR service you need.

Do you need to simply support a presence in trade or consumer press. Do you need a launch campaign, do you need a combination of both. Do you require a crisis management strategy. Or something a lot more complex.

There are three main pricing structures for public relations and PR costs?

1. Fee based, an agency will take a brief from you and break this down into regular, usually monthly/4 weekly payments. This will sometimes be front loaded as most set up work will be done in the first month or so

2. Project based, again an agency, from you brief, will assess workload ans apportion a total amount for the project, which will be based upon either a one off or staged payments. This amount may well be supplemented by an hourly or daily charge for work that is executed outside the original scope of the brief

3. Hourly or daily charge, normally applies to a strict, very clear brief with a finite end – otherwise this way of charging can become uncontrolled and very, very expensive!

Here at Catalyst, we prefer (as do our clients) the first option. Why? Well, let’s create an analogy. If you hire a cab for a long journey, you get a smoother ride if the driver is concentrating on the road ahead rather than looking at the meter all the time!

And, we get to thoroughly immerse ourselves in the client operations and can therefore deliver much more targeted, knowledgeable and value packed PR services.

So, to the costs themselves. Smaller agencies or regional agencies will charge anywhere from £750 per month plus VAT. London agencies will start from £1,500 + VAT per month. If they are less I would question how many people are in the team and who will be working on your account. PR Fees can really reach any number – it just depends on the amount of work you require.

If you have had a job costed but would like further advice on the price given then please do get in touch with our MD on

Catalyst, Beauty PR – MD Nominated for Agency Head of the Year

Johnny Paterson, managing director of hair and beauty pr, Catalyst, has been nominated in the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) Awards for prestigious the Agency Head of the Year category.

Johnny, who heads an expanding team of specialists delivering trade and consumer beauty PR, graphic and web design and development and marketing advice has created an agency that has a strong commercial background and is renowned for working as an additional client departmental resource rather than an outside agency.

A delighted Johnny commented, “We at Catalyst are very excited to receive this amazing nomination, and I’d like to thank all of our beauty clients in particular who have made this possible”.

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What makes a good press release?

What makes a good press release? Before actually answering this perennial question – let’s consider your average Beauty journalist, working on a monthly, weekly or daily deadline, day in, day out.

Surrounded by press releases, on paper and on-line – how are they to pick a story from the mound of information about the latest beauty innovations, products, services, then make the choice of which to feature?

All this with an editor breaking down their neck!

So, there’s the context – now let’s look at those releases and how they should be structured.

Really, there are two basic types of good press releases, a general one and one that is produced specifically in response to a specific request from the publication or to meet the needs of a feature. If creating the latter, just focus on responding to the needs of the request – that’s easy.
So, here is the Catalyst rule of good press release writing – be concise, be focused, be genuinely interesting.

And, by that we mean that you absolutely must immediately communicate with the beauty journalist what the product or service is and what it is that it does – in other words, what interest is it to the reader of the publication. And this it has to do within the first few words, or even headline. Do not expect the journo to search through lots of copy to find the hook, this will just not happen.

Be focused. Is the release relevant to the publication’s audience – make sure you do not waste the journalist’s time – this might back-fire in the future when you do need their support.

Be interesting. If the release is focused on a new product or service great, that’s newsworthy.

If there is nothing new, is it worth creating a release – and if you do need to create a release, come up with something genuinely interesting, statistics, a new use, a discovery or development. If there’s nothing interesting, simply, it won’t get published and you’ll lose credibility with the journalist, which will compromise future coverage opportunities.

That’s the foundation of achieving good coverage – and importantly, consistent coverage. Here at Catalyst we’ve a few tricks up our collective sleeves, but if we revealed these, we’d be out of a job – so talk to us and discover what a well written release can really achieve.

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Amazing coverage for D&J Ambrose in Tribu-te!

We have been eagerly anticipating the Autumn issue of Tribu-te magazine for weeks! Our talented client Darren Ambrose, of D&J Ambrose, appears as this issue’s special guest. Spanning an impressive 17 pages and the coveted front cover, we were absolutely thrilled to achieve this amazing piece of coverage!

This beautiful issue offers you a rare insight into Darren’s personal life; allowing you to view his stunning imagery in a gallery format, whilst learning about his life as a hairdresser, his passions and his innovative inspirations.

Big thank-you to Tribu-te, and congratulations to Darren!

Beautiful front-cover imagery from Darren Ambrose’s London Collection


Hair & Beauty Consumer Coverage

We’ve had lots of amazing coverage for our clients this week, here we’d like to share with you a pick of some of this coverage in consumer magazines including marie claire, heat, love it!, U and hair.

Beever Volume Dust features in this month’s autumn hair flash feature in marie claire. This product is great for adding instant volume to flat hair. Another of our clients, Skyler McDonald Creative Director of seanhanna salons, is featured on the beauty page for her unique 6 Point Layer System. As opposed to the traditional technique of a ‘square’ layer pattern over the crown, Skyler has developed a hexagonal pattern to integrate more layers into the main body of the hair. This helps to promote easier movement throughout the hair and adds a softness to layers.

marie claire


Two of our clients have made the Star Style page of heat, uniq one being named the Best for Dyed Hair and Beever Argan Recovery Oil Best Hair Oil. The products have been recommended to prepare hair for its battle against damage throughout the autumn and winter, leaving you with hair shiny enough to rival Kim Kardashian.



Our client Gentle Beauty is featured in love it!’s still life beauty page of autumn’s beauty essentials. This multi-use product is included to keep your hair and skin moisturised and protect it against the cooler weather.

Love It


U magazine has included clients Orofluido and Revlon Professional Style Masters with products Beauty Elixir and Pre Tools Defender respectively to achieve Hayden Panettiere’s luxurious soft waves. Premier blonde shades are big this season, so this easily achievable look will be popular amongst blondes.



Iain Sallis, Consultant Trichologist, offers his tips for hair magazine on achieving great looking hair no matter what your age. Iain offers tips based on scientific knowledge which might be new to many readers. With the right care and attention, your hair will be looking great   whatever your age!


The whole Catalyst team are delighted with all the recent coverage we’ve got for our clients! Keep checking back for more coverage very soon.