Summer 2012 Essential Beauty: Hair Oil

Hair oils have been around for centuries, but their recent surge in popularity has pushed them into the spotlight, making them one of the most talked about beauty products of the summer.

If you’re new to the hair oil hype and are used to washing your hair to get rid of oil, the idea of using oil on your hair might scare you off. Once you’ve got over this initial hurdle and give hair oils a go, you’ll be wondering how you ever got by without this beauty hero product.

With summer coming to a close and your hair having battled against sun, sea and sand for the past few months, now is the ideal time to try out the hair oil treatment. Being a newbie to hair oils myself, I was excited to give them a go and was amazed with the instant results. Having hair that is always dry and easily tangled, the multi benefits of hair oil are what stood out to me over other products. After my first use of oil I was left with glossy, shiny, moisturised hair without a tangle in sight.

Another bonus when using hair oils is the effect they have in speeding up blow-drying time. As oil and water don’t mix, the hair works to draw in moisture and expel water. Less time drying hair equals more time to choose an outfit!

Argan oil is probably a term you’ve come across in the beauty pages of your favourite magazine, but this isn’t the only essential oil you should know about. The product I used was one of our client’s hugely popular products, Orofluido Beauty Elixir, containing a blend of three essential oils: argan, cyperus and linseed. The Orofluido range is inspired by the ancient traditional beauty rituals of Morocco, Egypt and Mediterranean cultures, and its delicious amber and vanilla scent instantly transports you into a world of oriental perfume.

If you haven’t given hair oil a go… now is the time. Hair oil is hair’s new best friend!

Consumer Coverage Update

We’ve got our clients an exciting amount of coverage this week in consumer magazines! Here’s just a taster…

Yesmin O’Brien of seanhanna salons offers her advice to Closer readers, revealing her must-have photo shoot products, top autumn hairstyle, and bargain hair saviour. Yesmin has styled the hair of Kate Moss and Pixie Geldof so knows what products are used to perfect the looks of models and celebrities.

Orofluido’s hair mask is featured among the top hair products to repair post-holiday sun damaged hair in this week’s Love It! magazine. Holidays mean endless exposure of hair to sun, sea and chlorine, which from personal experience can leave you with hair so dry it resembles something close to hay. The Orofluido Mask is a must-have product to repair dry, damaged hair by saturating it with ultra-moisturising nutrients, returning hair to its natural beauty.

Irish U magazine reveals how to recreate Anne Hathaway’s pixie crop using 3 of our clients’ products; Orofluido Beauty Elixir hair oil, Uniq One hair treatment, and Style Masters Amplifier Mousse. This may not be the look for everyone out there, but if you do feel inspired by Anne’s new look, these products will allow you to work and maintain this unique style…

Sunjunkie are also in this week’s U magazine, offering one lucky reader €200 worth of tanning products to keep them glowing all year round. The range also includes After Care Body Lotion, Tan Safe Shower Gel, and Exfoliating Gel to keep your tan in tip-top shape between applications.

Finally, Black & White Wax are featured in the latest issue of Your London Wedding, offering a year’s supply of products for one groom to keep his wedding day stress-free. Black & White Wax has been the top hair styling pomade for over 90 years, its ability to hold styles all day long means one less worry for grooms on the big day!

The Catalyst PR Team are really excited by the variety of coverage we’ve been generating for our clients this week, of which this is just a snapshot. We can’t wait to carry this on and share more examples of our coverage with you in the future!


Autumn/Winter 2012 Hair Trends

We are officially three weeks away from the legendary September issues. The heavy thud on the floor as the glossy pages of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar, land at your feet is drawing ever closer. The trends, the colours and the textures laid out beautifully at your fingertips. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, smudgy dark eyes and snuggly opaque tights are a guarantee. Earlier this week, we shared with you autumn’s hottest make-up trends. In case you can’t quite wait for the footsteps of your favourite postman, or the three weeks before you can knock on your newsagent’s front door, I thought I would share some of this season’s hottest hair trends with you!

Autumn looks set to be a mysteriously dark swirl of decadence and drama. Dark moody colours, grey graphite eyes and hair suitable to weather the storm. Leave hair dishevelled and natural, rough romantic waves are set to be huge. Don’t worry about the odd kink, the more messy volume the better. Part your hair centrally or at the side, leaving hair loose and free for an easy trend-inspired look.

Embrace girly giddiness, with a series of stylish plaits, braids and twists. Let your hair be a visual play-ground by creating double-twisted halo braids for the season’s hottest look. To create the Halo braid, pull hair from underneath, plait over your head and secure with grips. For an instant effect, buy a pre-braided plait. Twist strands of hair on either side of your head, and pull into a stylish bun at the nape of your neck. Tease hair into a messy fishtail that struggles to be set free.

Delicate ballerina buns are set to be an instant hair hit. Simple, neat and fuss free this is a look that is easy, classic and timeless. Fasten stray locks with grips and hair-spray, for a sleek shiny look. A recurring hair-trend, which looks set to snowball, is the low pony. Fixed at the nape of your neck, you can bring this look bang up to date, by combining with the wet-look hair trend. Apply styling pomade to the top and crown of your head to create a super-slick finish.

Finish off the season’s hottest hair looks by decorating and adorning your hair with decadent, jewel encrusted accessories. Think pearls, deep ruby reds and sprinklings of golden stars. Head-bands, brooches, and clips help to create an opulent dramatic look, which helps you sparkle and shine.


Autumn 2012’s Hottest Make-up Trends

2012 Autumn Beauty is bold and glam, a contrast to the subtle shades of other seasons. Think cheek contouring, bold eyes, and rich-coloured lips.

Trend #1: No Rules Make-Up

This trend is all about forgetting rules. Don’t be afraid to draw focus to both the eyes and the lips… anything goes! Power make-up should use make-up to create light, shadow and effect. It’s okay to combine full on lips, bold eyes and bright cheeks. It may seem daunting at first but making a statement and binning rules is at the core of this season’s trends.

Trend #2: Contour

Heavy contouring is hot this season! Although it might not be the easiest make-up technique to master, it’s worth perfecting as this season is all about drastically contoured cheekbones.

Trend #3: Winged eyes

Eyes are a focal point this Autumn. Smudged liner is out; this new look is intensified and embraces liner and smudged-out shadow lining the eyes top and bottom. Wings are shaped up and outwards from the lid. Variations include a pop of colour along the socket crease, adding another dimension against the darker shadow.

Trend #4: Lashes

There’s no need to get sticky with false lashes, instead make the most of what you’ve got with curling mascaras and lash curlers. If you’re a fan of heavy lashes, these are still in, but achieve the look with tools and products rather than faking it.

Trend #5: Classic Red Lip

Classic red lips are everywhere across the catwalk, in all textures and shades. Blood red, bright red, glossy… variation is the key!

Trend #6: Nude Lips

Beige shades for lips are all the rage this season. To really modernise this look, add a small amount of concealer over the top for a truly minimalistic matte appearance.

Trend #7: Brows

Autumn brows are defined without being too heavy. Use a shade darker than your natural colour and apply accordingly to achieve the perfect amount of impact.

Trend #8: Grey Eyes

Make-up artists are going crazy for grey eyes this season. Dark granite and graphite shades are a massive hit, with grey replacing black as the top eye shadow shade this autumn.

Trend #9: Perfect Pale Skin

If you’re naturally pale you’ll be pleased to hear that pristine, pale skin is one of the big make-up trends this Autumn. All over pale foundation will recreate the fresh-faced look that’s all across the catwalk.

Catalyst Consumer & Trade Coverage

In the last week, we have received some fabulous coverage for our hair and beauty clients, across consumer and trade printed media.

The scale of coverage achieved, has been truly staggering, so we just wanted to share with you some key examples!

This week Black and White Wax featured in Look’s special Hair Issue. The special edition, utilised Black and White Wax’s Original 50ml Pot, as the top product for creating The Retro Roll, one of the brilliant looks used in the “Friday-Night Hair” feature.

Black & White Wax

Black and White Wax

This week also saw Black and White feature on Shortlist’s competition page. With a quarter page feature, Shortlist offered readers the chance to win an iPad and grooming products worth £1000. Shortlist described the brand as a long-lasting fixture, wittily comparing Black and White’s 90 year success to flash in the pan trends including monocles, mohicans and parachute pants. All we can think is lucky readers!


Halo achieved some fabulous consumer coverage in Reveal. Beauty Director, Georgia Goodall described the new adjustable Halo as easy to apply. Georgia also made the point that once on, the Halo looked the most natural of the clip-in extensions reviewed, because there were no clips giving a lumpy looking finish.

This month’s Model Salon magazine featured two of our fabulous clients: D&J Ambrose and Anne Veck.

D&J Ambrose’s Historica Collection was displayed within the “STYLE WATCH” section of the magazine. The collection draws inspiration from the history of hair, evoking eras from ancient Greece to ’60s pop culture. The imagery is beautifully displayed, and accompanied by quotes telling readers how each look has been achieved.

D&J Ambrose

Anne Veck

Anne Veck’s Jealously collection that uses classic barbering techniques, was featured similarly to D&J Ambrose’s with collection imagery being accompanied with informative quotes. The striking imagery was created by using scissor-over-comb, blending at the nape and the traditional method of fingerwaving.

We are absolutely delighted with the coverage that has been achieved this week, and can’t wait to share upcoming pieces with you!

12 nominations for catalyst clients in BHAs…

We would like to say a massive congratulations to our clients who have received 12 nominations for the British Hairdressing Awards! We love it when our clients are nominated for awards as their amazing work deserves to be recognised and celebrated. The BHAs are regarded as the Oscars of the hairdressing industry, with 9 regional awards, 6 specialist awards, as well as the much-acclaimed British Hairdresser of the Year award.

The British Hairdressing Awards celebrate the best of British hairdressing talent and this year will be held on 26th November at Grosvenor House, London. The night will include a four-course meal, live entertainment, and an exclusive hair presentation from the British Hairdresser of the Year nominees.

Our clients have had great success in past years, with Skyler McDonald being crowned London Hairdresser of the Year in 2010, amongst others. We know it will be an exciting night and wish all our clients the best of luck!

Here are all 12 of the nominations:

London Hairdresser of the Year: Skyler McDonald, seanhanna, Putney

North Eastern Hairdresser of the Year: Alexander Turnbull, Alexander Hair & Beauty, Anlaby, Hull

North Western Hairdresser of the Year: Joe Nions and Laura Finch, CRC Cutting Room Creative, Leeds

Southern Hairdresser of the Year: Nadege Faverais, Metropolis Hairdressing, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Wales & South West Hairdresser of the Year: Craig Chapman, Craig Chapman Hair Design, Launceston, Cornwall

Afro Hairdresser of the Year: Craig Chapman, Craig Chapman Hair Design, Launceston, Cornwall

Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year: Robert Masciave, Metropolis Hairdressing, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Ceri Cushen, Metropolis Hairdressing, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey

Skyler McDonald, seanhanna, Putney, London

Anne Veck, Anne Veck Salons, Oxford

Men’s Hairdresser of the Year: Ross Strong, D&J Ambrose, Pinner, Middlesex

Newcomer of the Year: Kieran Tudor, D&J Ambrose, Pinner, Middlesex