Catalyst clients Hair PR all over the press

The whole hair and beauty PR team have been over the moon with the coverage this week! Here’s just a selection to give you an idea…

Firstly we’ve been splashed all over the Creative Head Online News site from the launch of the Mother Styler, the news of Alexander Turnbull’s men’s hair loss clinic, the brand new Colour Project team, Craig Chapman’s trip to Cannes to style the hair of the celebs and Robert Masciave’s show in Slovenia.

We’re also seeing Black and White Wax pop up all over the show in local and national press and online.

Here it is being loved by the ‘I am Staggered’ team.

And here being shown how to define texture in Hair magazine.

Ooh… and how to create vintage looks with the wax in the Swindon Advertiser.

Let’s move along to this week’s Hairdresser’s Journal which is loving Robert Masciave featuring his latest Slovenia news story as well as his quotes on Olympic athlete Amy Williams’ hair!

And what about July’s issue of Hair Ideas? Featuring the brand new Mother Styler, Halo’s feather collection and four pages of Craig Chapman’s images.

A great week all-in-all for our hair and beauty PR clients – and there’s still plenty of pages of coverage in the office that I just haven’t managed to fit on this blog post. But watch this space for more updates on our client’s coverage.

Happy Friday!

This week we have literally been blown away by the amount of fantastic coverage we have had for our clients! Here are just a few examples of what we’ve achieved……

Celebrity stylist Alexander Turnbull was spotted in the latest edition of Marie Claire with his top tips and quotes.

Halo had a full page in this month’s Essentials magazine with their fantastic clip-ins….

Michelle Griffin was Hair magazines expert for the 1 minute with interview.

Revlon Professional was put to the test in Celebs on Sunday

Cutting Room Creative had their fab news story featured in Estetica!

This is just a taster of the fantastic coverage we have had for our clients this week.

Have a great weekend!

Beauty prepping for summer

I’m choosing to ignore the rain. For me, the glass is half full and it’s nearly summer. SO NEARLY SUMMER! I can practically smell it. And talking to the beauty PR girls in the office, we don’t know a single girl, that doesn’t think around this time about the coming months and how they need to prep. Yes prep! You can’t just one day step into summer without having rid yourself of the dregs of winter.

Between finishing my PR placement here at Catalyst and when I head back to university, I have over two months to enjoy this summer (Don’t be too jealous!) – so I plan to spend a fair amount of that in the sun, enjoying lazy days and topping up (well actually starting up) a tan! This doesn’t simply involve one day deciding to strip off to my shorts, oh no no no. It’s a process, and a drawn out one at that.

So here are the Catalyst PR girl’s number one beauty tips for prepping for summer:

Me – My feet and legs. During the winter I live in boots and my legs remain firmly hidden behind leggings or jeans at all times. I’m gradually moving into the days of pumps but soon flip-flops will be my footwear of choice so spending the coming months beautifying my feet and prepping my pins for the sun is my go-to, sure-fired way to get ready for the summer. Scrubbing, waxing, buffing and polishing are words you’ll hear me using on the build-up to summer right through until the leaves of autumn start falling again.

Elizabeth – The gym. “After ages of telling myself I’ll go – I’ve finally set myself up at a local gym. If I spend the coming months working out, I know come the summer months I’ll feel so much more confident when I hit the beach or don my short shorts for a girly summer afternoon in the park.”

Kelly – Bye bye sugar – Hello fruit! “I’m completely addicted to sweets… Doughnuts… Pastries… Cakes… All of it. But I know, if I continue munching my way through these on the build-up to summer, I’ll feel it when I’m lying on the beach in my two-piece. I still allow myself the occasional treat but on the whole, fruit’s my snack of choice from now on – it makes my skin look healthy and makes me feel better in myself. Munching my way through a punnet of blueberries is almost as good as a pack of Percy Pigs… almost.”

So we’re all here making sure we have our beauty products and regimes at the ready for that first glimpse of true summer sun. Until then, I’m just going to keep ignoring the rain, cause in this case, ignorance is bliss.

An abundance of Hair PR for Catalyst clients

What a fantastic week of hair PR for our clients – here’s just a few of our best bits to tickle your coverage taste buds.

Opening up the June issue of Blackhair – there they are. Tiff J of 3thirty and Craig Chapman – two whole pages each offering up their expert advice to the readers.

As a Natural Afro Hair specialist Tiff was the obvious choice for the lovely people at Blackhair to pick to answer the questions; imparting her wisdom to the readers about how to care for their hair or cure their hair woes.

Turn the page and what do you get?! The first of Craig Chapman’s regular column! Expect to see this every week where he will be discussing and answering a range of worries from readers. It’s a fantastic way for everyone to catch a glimpse of Craig’s infallible wit and charisma all whilst sharing his expertise on afro hair.

Next up? D&J Ambrose – times two!

If you haven’t seen it already then take a look at HJ’s Men special – see that cover? That’s a collection by Ross Strong at D&J Ambrose. Flip a few pages – and there it is again! And ooh move along two more and aaaah – there it is! Two double page spreads entirely dedicated to D&J Ambrose! What a huge success for them and the perfect way to showcase such a fantastic collection. It’s a hair PR’s dream!

Here they are again stealing the limelight in Salon Business with their newly revamped interiors. Two double page spreads entirely dedicated to this beautiful salon! What a result!

And look, even more! Salon Business were loving CRC Cutting Room Creative.

Starting up with various full pages of Salon Owner Karen Dodd’s White Suitcase collection – it looks beautiful.

Then an amazing piece of coverage we managed to secure for them; one of Salon Business’ biggest features “My Hairy Life In…” and for Karen we went for perfumes so there they are, two more fabulous DPS’ devoted to Karen!

We work hard for our clients, making sure that not only do we jump at every PR opportunity we also create opportunities for them and get them all the coverage they deserve.

Festival Fever

Is it just me or has everyone gone festival crazy even earlier this year? Everywhere I look there are festival must-haves, festival fashion pages and just general festival madness plastered absolutely everywhere.

These days they have festival inspired hair and beauty products to please even the most lackadaisical of festival goers. This is music to my ears seeing as the last thing I want to be doing at a festival is spending hours in front of a compact mirror, in a tent trying to achieve the impossible.

There are quite literally products for every beauty woe and quibble imaginable. Here are my absolute must-haves when entering a festival campsite…

First and foremost is dry shampoo. Yes it’s been about for a few years now but I think it’s an absolute hair hero that festival “glampers” would be quite simply lost without. Not only does this fantastic product soak up oil from the roots giving hair an extra day or so grace, it also adds volume!

I’m a sucker for multitasking products especially when it means spending less time getting ready. As all festival goers well know every minute is precious when you have spent over the odds for a ticket. My second must have product is BB Cream. Beauty editors all over the globe have gone absolutely crazy for this product and it’s no wonder, it is truly amazing! Since it hit the shelves earlier this year it has been my saviour product for all occasions. This all-singing, all-dancing product boasts so many benefits you would be a fool not to have it in tow in everyday life let alone at a festival.

Last but by no means least, is the trusty lip balm. And not just any lip balm. It’s essential to have a lip balm with sun factor when you’re spending long days out in the sun. Without it I would be left with cracked lips that were so dry not even Vaseline would be able to rescue them.

My list of festival beauty must haves is quite literally endless but I think you get the drift.  I think it’s fair to say that “glamping” is here to stay!

Happy Bank Holiday!

What a great way to kick start the bank holiday weekend than with a fantastic piece of coverage for our hair clients.

This great piece of coverage was spotted in the latest issue of Irelands leading magazine, U. The piece features not only one but three of our clients stunning hair products. All three products are recommended by U magazine as the top products to create one of this season’s top hair trends. What a great result!

Catalyst’s ability to secure credible, consistent coverage is second to none. Our passion for PR combined with our team effort ensures that Catalyst’s clients are always in the press!

We hope you all have a great weekend!

The Bloggers Revolution

Incorporating your clients PR into the online world is a must for PR pros nowadays. Getting bloggers on board can be a fantastic way to prove that your clients brands really work and it’s great when you get a link back through from a blogger who truly loved the product.

There are so many great hair and beauty bloggers around who have an abundance of loyal followers so when they write up a review about how amazing a product is, you know there will be plenty of people reading it, not forgetting how common it is for them to Tweet about their new blogs which encourages a higher readership.

Recently at Catalyst we’ve been creating a buzz for our hair PR clients in the online world with plenty of the top UK bloggers raving about how amazing our clients are; from the Beever Range and Black and White Wax to Orofluido Sahara and Revlon Professional Equave.

The Beauty of Louise Blog adored the Orofluido Sahara for how amazing it made her hair feel; “instantly soft and smooth… [without making the hair] feel greasy or weighed down” – hailing it as a better alternative to its rivals. This lovely blogger also couldn’t get enough of the Revlon Professional Equave and how it “worked wonders for [her] hair leaving it shiny and healthy”. Beever Sculpting Lotion is now also high up on this blogger’s hair must-have list thanks to the fact that it makes her hair “stay full of volume all day”. Three amazing posts from a wonderfully popular blogger – every hair PR’s dream!


As a hair PR pro, I love it when a blogger adores a product so I certainly won’t be forgetting our lovely Lady of the Lane blogger who has now added Beever Daily Revive to her everyday hair routine simply because she loves the product so much – now you can’t blame her falling head over heels for a product that gives her hair extra “swish” and does exactly what it says on the bottle! When we later sent her the Revlon Professional Equave it definitely rivalled the Daily Revive – she even admitted – “I can’t decide which product I love the most” and she’s now “using it religiously” – PERFECT!


A great avenue for us was going through men’s grooming blogs and websites and when I came across great groom’s blog, I am Staggered, I knew it would be a fantastic outlet for some of our clients and he jumped at the chance to sample them. The award-winning Beever Pliable Fibre was the perfect product to send over for review and he raved about its ability to “keep [his] fine hair well managed”, praising its ability to “shape, define and add shine”. The sheer mention of Black and White Wax was a dream for this keen blogger and he couldn’t wait to blog about its 90th anniversary too.


Whilst bloggers aren’t the main basis of our hair PR work here at Catalyst by far, we’d be crazy not to utilize this viable and growing outlet. The online world is ever-becoming the focus of day-to-day life and by targeting the best blogs out there and doing your research you can grow the online awareness of your clients brands dramatically.

Style Cartel blogs about Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Creme!

I’m a big fan of international blogger Charlotte’s Style Cartel blog, and when she requested bright colour refreshers, I sent her Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Creme in shade number 500. Number 500 is a Fire Red and adds colour, shine and condition back into pre-coloured hair for a more vibrant hue.

Needless to say, Charlotte was very happy with the results, and so are we – her hair looks AMAZING! The ombre trend prevails yet again for another season.

Check out Charlotte’s how-to video below using Revlon Professional’s Nutri Color Creme on her site here: