Irish Hair and Beauty Coverage

It may be all doom and gloom outside but here in the Catalyst offices everything is looking bright and breezy as we celebrate a great couple of weeks for our Irish clients.

In the past 14 days we have accumulated a staggering nine pieces of credible coverage throughout Ireland’s leading and most influential titles.  With our pro active approach we have ensured that all our products and services have been included in the features that count and the product pages that are sure to get them noticed.

Being the account handler of our Irish clients I regularly head to Ireland to meet up with all the key members of the press. This is a great way to make sure that I am up-to-date with their latest features whilst upholding Catalyst great relationship with all members of the press.  With this commitment and attention to detail we make sure that we are the go to source when press are looking for anything hair and beauty related.

Here are just a couple of examples of the outstanding coverage we have had throughout Ireland over the last two weeks:

U Magazine Ireland Clipping

U magazine is a huge seller throughout Ireland. Our clients have been spotted in the last three issues which include a total of eight of our new launches. We have also had half pages with our celebrity hair and skin experts.

Orofluido in Fabulous Magazine
Orofluido in Fabulous magazine: This magazine is one of the most highly read newspaper supplements in Ireland. With Orofluido being touted as a product that “definitely works” by TV Presenter Glenda Gilson we will be sure to have earned Orofluido a even bigger following.
Orofluido in Chic
Orofluido in Chic: With a huge circulation throughout all of Ireland’s commuters this coverage has already had a great response!

The trendy trends of the nail varnish world…

There’s something ultra-feminine about having perfectly preened nails. Looking down when typing and seeing each nail varnish-laden finger move around the keyboard. Working in beauty PR I like to think I’m in the perfect place to experiment with all things beauty and when it comes to nail varnish, I certainly do. Never before has having such freedom with your nails been possible and everywhere you look beauty PR’s are looking for ways to get their products in with the trends…

So here are my top five favourite nail varnish trends:

Up here at number one… Nail varnish that makes you look like you’ve got Smarties at the tips of your fingers. It really shouldn’t work, but it so does. What’s not to love about having an array of colours to add a bit of fun to your everyday look? Spending hours will my pile of nail varnishes is one of my guilty pleasures and depending on my mood I go for one of two options. Line up each colour, and moving them about until I get the perfect choice or simply closing my eyes, grabbing each colour and going with it. That’s the thrill of it…

Swiftly behind it at number two is glitter nails. And not just a nail varnish with glitter in it – actual glitter for your nails. It transforms your nails beyond recognition, I walked around all day feeling like I had fake nails on and they looked beautiful.

Proudly placed at midway through at number three is marble nails. Ok so it is certainly not for your everyday nail painting as it is a bit of an effort. But when I did it, I couldn’t stop looking at my nails all day. It’s a fairly drawn out process that involves dripping various nail varnish colours, creating a pattern then dipping your finger in – one downfall, you have to repeat it for each nail so it takes a fair amount of time. Don’t be put off though; it looks B-E-A-UTIFUL!

In at number four is magnetic nail varnish. It’s the beauty lover’s dream. It’s the beauty PR’s dream. It’s my dream. (Perhaps not the most exciting one, but a dream nonetheless.) It does exactly what it says, uses the magnetic particles in a specially designed nail varnish to create a unique design for your nails – it’s the excitement factor that does it for me, something so different to regularly painted nails.

At number five but not technically ‘last place’, my go-to nail varnish hero – the French manicure. What’s not to love? It goes with everything and looks so elegant. What’s best is that you can experiment with it, use a colour as the tip instead of a white. It can be tricky to master the art of self-application but once you do, as I did, it makes for a great sure fired way to get beautiful nails.

So there. The confessions of a beauty PR’s nail varnish addiction.

Twitter Hashtags in PR and Magazines

It’s interesting just how much the web shapes our lives. Not only has it digitised the way we interact with each other, it has also altered the way the way we use the English language.


Twitter has distorted grammar as we know it to make a point using as little words as possible. Neologisms such as “amaze-balls” get littered throughout emails, the way we converse over the phone and in blogs. I’ve noted Company magazine has silently catered their magazine to the blogosphere community, making their articles more hash-tag friendly by featuring bloggers to review new, emerging labels, artists and makeup & hair tips. Their articles are littered with “whatevs” and “well jel” and their head-titles are now increasingly anchored with # and @ to provide their readers with an offline manifestation of their social media platforms.

Company magazine is a prime example of how important it is to reflect the current social trend to stay relevant in an ever-changing, fast paced post-post modern society. So how does this affect PR companies – this new bastardisation of the English language? How do we walk the tightrope between professionalism and “keeping it real?” Do we litter our press releases now with euphemisms and blog-speak? Is it professional? And what would our client say? It’s important to note here that in spite of everything, your audience is the most important aspect. Who are you writing for? Who are you trying to persuade to buy into your client’s products?

Twitter speak is fine when it’s the language your audience uses. In order to engage with your audience, you have to speak their language. There’s no need to be afraid of tweet-speak, just as long as you tweak it and make it a compelling piece that portrays what your client wants consumers to know about their product/service with conviction. It’s better to take a pragmatic approach and use commonly used words and phrases that sincerely relates to your intended audience. Speaking the language of the consumer is even more imperative today than ever before: the borderlines between corporate and consumer have blurred beyond recognition; redefining the true meaning of “consumer power.”

Consumers are the new web innovators and are becoming increasingly in charge of what’s trending and are forcing companies and brands to be the subservient partner in this dynamic relationship. With this is mind if tweet-speak is what the consumer wants, tweet-speak is what they get. After all, one can argue that there’s no such thing as “proper” English but “commonly” used English –the language not just of people, but of people with buying power.

More Fantastic PR Coverage from Catalyst

With all the hair PR coverage that has come in over the past few weeks it’s exciting to see the variety of coverage we can get our clients in such a short space of time. There’s so much going on in the background with big pieces of PR coverage that we’re working on that it can be easy to forget the small bits that can make a big difference.

We subscribe to all the hair trade press and utilise this in the best possible way by keeping up-to-date on regular features, noting anything new and staying in contact with all the journalists. This month we booked hairdressing legend Robert Masciave of Metropolis Hairdressing into Creative Head’s ‘My Month Ahead’ feature – it gave Robert the chance to share what he was working on this month so it was a great piece of PR coverage to secure.


We also make it a fundamental part of our daily hair PR activity to get quotes for our clients. Whether they’re offering their opinions on a celebrity’s style or they’re providing mini tutorials on how to create a beautiful hairstyle, it gives readers a chance to get to know their personalities which is a big part of a hairdresser’s profile. This month, among others, we had Karen Dodds from Cutting Room Creative quoting on Jessica Chastain’s auburn locks and Darren Ambrose offering his opinions on Alexa Chung’s chic style so some lovely coverage for our clients there.




Not forgetting some fabulous pieces of product placement. Keeping our brands at the forefronts of journalist minds is a big part of our role as hair PR pros as this means when they putting together a specific feature, they think of our client! We also make sure we’re proactive about product editorial, contacting journalists to suggest products for what they’re working on as well as approaching them with ideas of how to use our clients’ products or services. Beever have got some fantastic coverage for their Spritz Fix and Brush in recent weeks in various magazines – they clearly can’t get enough!





Salon reviews can be such a great way of drumming up interest and giving people the chance to see what a trip to our clients’ salon is really like. We gave a lucky tester at Pride magazine the chance to go in and get their hair styled at 3thirty Hair and Beauty and to review their experience. They loved their visit and salon owner Tiff J was thrilled with the review.


Bloggers are having more and more of an impact on consumers everyday – get the right blogger, and a review of your product could be read by thousands. The best thing about their reviews is that they are entirely honest so you know when you’re sending over a product that really works, readers will get the honest review they want. This week, ever-popular Lady of the Lane blog reviewed Beever Daily Revive – she fell head over heels in love with it and posted an amazing review.


So there, a brief glimpse of some of the more modest aspects of hair PR that we do for our clients. It’s a lovely feeling when we secure some great coverage for our clients – I feel proud every time something new comes out.

Catalyst PR’s Professional Hairdresser Live 2012 for second year running!

This is Catalyst’s second year of being requested by Hamerville Publishing to do the PR, for Professional Hairdresser Live, and it took on a whole new level this year as thousands of guests flocked to the stunning Manchester Central venue on Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd April. There they experienced a fantastic array of free seminars and inspiration from some of the world’s leading brands.

Professional Hairdresser Live promised that this year’s event was bigger and better and they did not let their guests down.

The 2012 show gave both exhibitors and visitors the chance to get up close and personal with each other and discuss all that’s new in the industry from colour to styling products, from salon furniture to the latest trends and business ideas.  Professional Hairdresser Live really does give the exhibitor the chance to meet, mingle and promote their brand to the decision makers in the salon.

With the introduction of an all new Gents Zone, focussing on the male hair market and a Champagne Bar sponsored by Sexy Hair and Ego Professional, a first at a hair trade show, you could really feel that there was something very special about this show. At the Creative Stage, Gents Zone and Business Base platforms, attendees were treated to inspirational seminars from stars such as Errol Douglas, Jamie Stevens, Lisa Shepherd, Chris Foster and Simon Shaw. All the seminars are included within the cost of entry.

Meanwhile, press and visitors alike jumped at the chance to witness Celebrity Hairdressers Nicky Clarke and Andrew Collinge take to the stage in one-off interviews with top hair journalist, Maria Weijers where they discussed everything from tips and tricks of the trade to advice straight from their own experiences.

Exhibitors who attended the 2012 event include Matrix, Clynol, Aston and Fincher, Alan Howard, Fudge, Joico and the Fellowship for British Hairdressing who again produced two days of amazing talent on their central stage in the middle of Manchester Central.

Professional Hairdresser Magazine Editor Nicola Shannon spoke of the event: “Following last year’s exciting launch show, the second Professional Hairdresser Live exhibition surpassed itself, delivering a hugely successful, even bigger and better event for 2012.  It was great to have such massive support from some of the biggest names in hairdressing who helped us achieve what was a high end, inspirational and enjoyable experience for visitors and exhibitors alike.”

Take a look at some of the PR coverage Catalyst secured for Professional Hairdresser Live, not to mention radio mentions on Key 103 and a TV segment for Antena TV!


Writing in PR – We’ve done it all!

Before starting my London placement in hair and beauty PR, I hadn’t expected to get quite the experience I have. Not only have I been given my own hair clients to do the PR for, got the chance to meet journalists and to get involved with the creative meetings, I’ve also been provided with the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of writing; from product launches, news stories and letters to blogs, Tweets and Facebooking and everything in between.

Definite proof of the variety of writing I’ve been involved with came to ahead when we put together the PR Activity Book for Professional Hairdresser Live 2012. Looking through it, we’ve done it all and its great testament to how much we do without even realising it; with page after page of press coverage, blogs, Tweets and Facebook updates spanning well over six months.

Creating copy for all these outlets has given me the perfect opportunity to explore and learn on a whole new level. Rather than leaving my PR placement with just a boosted knowledge of writing press releases for the hair and beauty industry I’m able to say confidently that I have written for a whole range of outlets knowing each of those has an entirely different audience.

The increase in use of social and online media in hair and beauty PR is not something to be ignored so getting experience in now was vital and puts me one step ahead of those who haven’t had the opportunity. It’s definitely something to be learnt and angling copy for specific audiences takes time to perfect and develop so getting a year’s worth of practice in now is more than useful.

I’d be crazy not be head-over-heels thankful for the level of variety I’ve been given here at my Catalyst PR placement; being able to go back to my final year of university and into my career with proof of my ability to write in different ways, for different hair and beauty clients and their hugely varying audience is a huge deal for me.

It’s most certainly a new learning curve from writing 6,000 word essays at university.