Equave Takes Centre Stage

Equave’s Blonde Detangling Conditioner was spotted in the latest issue of Ireland’s U Magazine this Week.

U Magazine touted Equave as the perfect product to detangle hair whilst maintain perfect blonde colour.  Equave is a huge seller in Ireland and with their fantastic new packaging and keratin enriched products their new range is sure to get everyone talking.

Equave has long been the professional hairdresser’s favourite; they were the first brand to create an instant beauty product that offers various different benefits and solutions in a single product. All products in the new keratin enriched range combine two different types of keratin (keratin aminoacids and hydrolyzed keratin) to deliver Immediate conditioning that results in superb softness and beautiful, healthy hair. What more could a girl want?!

New in Hair Oils? The new Orofludio Sahara

I don’t think a few years ago that anyone could have predicted that a modest bottle of hair oil would create such stir within the hair industry. Actually stir isn’t the right adjective to use here, how about frenzy? 

Hair Oils soon became the celebrity of the hair industry. No sooner were hairdressers restocking this miracle bottle that annihilated an army of hair woes, customers would be buying them up in a desperate bid to have the hair of their dreams. 

When Orofluido launched their Beauty Elixir a few years back, beauty journalists were raving about its light consistency, the delicious vanilla scent and the fact that it cuts blow-drying time by up to 20%. 

Fast forward a few years and the Orofluido Oil now has a family of products such as a Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask and Shine Oil Spray that all contain three natural oils, Argan Oil, Linseed Oil and Cyperus Oil  to keep the hair supple and shiny, without weighing it down.  

The Orofluido range proved so popular with the trade and consumer press, it amassed a huge number of press coverage. One journalist in particular has claimed to mist the Orofluido Shine Oil Spray onto her neck and, ahem, décolletage because she loved the exotic aroma so much! Now there’s a thought….an Orofluido perfume? Who knows, this brand is always coming up with new and innovative products so I’d stay tuned!  

Speaking of the development of new and innovative products, Orofluido launches their new Dry Hair Oil spray today called Orofluido Sahara.  It’s referred to as“dry oil” because it is a lighter form of oil that is absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving a satin, effortless glint rather than “slick” finish; demi-matt, if you would. 

Before the Orofluido Sahara  hit the hair market, it was tested in the most extreme conditions known possible to hair – the Sahara Desert. It was misted over human hair pieces left to hang in temperatures over 45 degrees, humidity at 10% and blustering desert winds. 

The results were astonishing. The hair pieces withheld their vibrant colour, the well-formed hair shaft was found with no lesions and the elasticity was just as flexible. 

There’s no doubt that the new Orofluido Sahara Dry Oil will be the most anticipated hair product to launch this season.  In fact, I have a bottle sitting right in front of me as I write this and I think it will be making its merry way into my bag….

Reputation, PR & laughing like Jimmy Carr…

Everyone and everything has a reputation. Even if you don’t think you do, trust me – after two hours spent in a lecture hall discussing with 50 PR students and an overly keen lecturer the reputations of everything, from the people in the room to the clothes we were wearing and the clubs we go to – you really do. It may not be good, it may not be bad and it will most likely vary immensely between different people but everyone and everything has a reputation.

We were told “working in PR, you get to practice for a client what you do for yourself every day” – and thinking of PR like this definitely opened my eyes to how I feel about my job and influenced the way I work in my hair and beauty PR role. Every day we PR ourselves, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, we make decisions about things we say, how we talk, what clothes we wear and what we choose to share about ourselves to make up our own reputation.

Our job in hair and beauty PR is this, but for someone or something else. It’s not just to be creative, to write copy or to liaise with journalists, its ensuring that we are constantly aware of the reputations of our clients in the wider world – assessing how they may be seen by other hairdressers, by journalists, by consumers, by stakeholders and by their current and potential clients. Knowing who will be reading what features and magazines and who follows them on Twitter, who reads their local paper and who walks past their salon is key to making sure stories are angled and our messages reach the right people in the right way.

The reputation of a hairdresser is vital to their success, it’s what can make or break their career so they put a lot of trust in ensuring that what we do for them is beneficial. Your name is your brand in hairdressing so we don’t just want your name plastered wherever and whenever possible we want it strategically placed and making sure all their successes, best qualities and USP’s are highlighted to those who have both a direct or indirect impact on your brand.

So when I’m stuck deciding on how to word a press release or how to put forward a suggestion for a feature, this is where knowing my hair clients comes in handy. Knowing their personalities, understanding their work and how they run their business means hair and beauty PR professionals can get into their mind set and think about how not only they want to be seen but how others will see them.

A great way to get in this mind set? Think about your own reputation and how others see you. Or if you’re anything like my lecturer, get people to write anonymously about your reputation and compare it to what you consider it to be – luckily for me, mine were all quite similar. No doubt for my colleagues here at Catalyst PR, the words “Jimmy Carr”, “loud” and “speaking like an auctioneer” spring to mind when thinking of me too…

Derma Eraze Coverage

Three months ago, Lorena Oberg brought her brand Derma Eraze to the Catalyst PR team looking for a soloution, a way to generate more business, raise awareness and most importantly to open people’s eyes to this life changing treatment and make them believe in it as passionately as she does.

Derma Eraze has gone from strength to strength since joining forces with Catalyst and is now well on their way to acquiring the fantastic reputation they deserve. With coverage spanning from Shortlist to some of the Uk’s biggest beauty blogs our beauty PR team at Catalyst have worked tirelessly to ensure that no stone is left unturned and no avenues are left unexplored.

By maintaining excellent relationships with the press and having a full understanding of up to the minute beauty news our team of highly skilled Beauty PR consultants ensured Derma Eraze was Black Hair’s must have “Hot New Treatment” whilst Shortlist touted the treatment as “ground-breaking”.

A big part of beauty PR is ensuring that whilst we maintain regular coverage in the biggest high-flying consumer titles we also understand the importance of building a combined PR strategy by targeting online as well as a whole spectrum of printed publications. Derma Eraze was also posted twice in the space of one week on two of biggest beauty blogs.

Craig Chapman’s double page advice spread In Black Hair Magazine

It goes without saying Craig Chapman is a huge fan of Afro hair. He is passionate about its dynamic texture and the limitless styling possibilities it allows. He’s also big on Afro hair care and believes the key to a mane of gorgeous hair lies in a little TLC. With this in mind, Balck Hair Magazine gave Craig two pages in their March/April issue to advice their readers on relevant hair woes, such as how to safely achieve blonde hair and how to stop itchy, dry scalps dead in its tracks. His double page  advice column in Black Hair magazine is informative and easy to follow; reaffirming his status as The Hair Award’s Best Afro Stylist of the Year 2012!

Interviews – A great way to get some fantastic PR

It was about a month into my Hair PR placement before I realised that setting up interviews for our clients was a big part of what we do. It’s a fantastic way for journalists to get to know them on a personal level rather than being ‘just a name’ especially with regards to those in the hair industry whose profile is a big part of the branding and image.

I’ve recently secured two double page spread interviews and a three page spread with a front cover for various hair clients of mine. Working in PR means setting these up and being involved in all aspects; from pitching an interview focus, arranging a mutual date in the busy schedules of both hairdressers and journalists, ensuring both parties know where and when the interview is taking place and following it up to make sure all parties are happy.

Working in Hair PR and with various hairdressing clients, you soon realise that each one has their own USP, something that makes them stand out from the crowd and something that journalists, customers and other hairdressers want to read about. So picking the perfect angle for the interview is key and here’s what I chose for my clients:

Robert Masciave: It was crucial that Robert’s passion and enthusiasm for avant-garde came through in this interview and I knew a journalist who had been transfixed by his stage presence at a Fellowship hair show so it gave me the perfect opportunity to pitch an interview. Now here we are; a superb three pages and the front cover of The Hairdresser magazine – it’s every Hair PR’s dream!

Tiff J: Tiff epitomises a modern-day success story; opening up 3thirty Hair and Beauty in tough economic times and creating a thriving salon from scratch; I knew pitching a business angle for her would be the best option to give her the chance to share her tips and tricks for surviving the economic storm. Sending Tiff the DPS was fantastic; to get such a great piece for her was a great success.

Darren Ambrose: Usually known for his outstanding, infallible creative talent in the hair industry, I thought it was time people got to know the business side of Darren too; after all him and his wife Jackie have brought D&J Ambrose through thick and thin to make it the hugely successful, flourishing salon it is today. So I set Darren up with the business writer in Hairdressers Journal to give him the chance to talk about his salon’s success and to share his tricks of the trade. The outcome? A beautiful DPS with a timeline of D&J Ambrose’s successes – perfect!

So there we are; three carefully arranged interviews, three perfectly pitched angles and three wonderful outcomes; the satisfaction of seeing the pieces published is definitely a bonus of working in the Hair PR industry.

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The Hair Awards Exposed!

Exposure Box’s reporter, Karim Nabbach reported backstage at The Hair Awards and interviewed a number of guests including Sean Hanna, Mark Leeson, Trevor Sorbie, Lee Stafford and DJ Lauren Pope from The Only Way is Essex fame.

Exposure Box is a brilliant social networking site for people in the hair, beauty, modelling and photographic industry and we were delighted to have them present at The Hair Awards to cover the event and feature it on their You Tube channel.

Check the video out!

A Match Made In PR Heaven

In an age where the pressure to look good is more potent than ever, it’s no wonder we are a nation of avid consumers obsessed with the way we look. As a dedicated team looking after an increasing number of Beauty PR clients, us girls here at Catalyst are unsurprisingly constantly probing for the latest creams, balms, oils, pastes, lotions, potions, treatments and everything in between looking for that one product that does something new and innovative that (we hope) gets us one step closer to achieving our ultimate beauty dreams.

Since joining the Catalyst family back in January, Derma Eraze has seen nothing but success and is now being touted as the must-have beauty treatment for those who suffer from stretch marks, scars, fine lines and wrinkles. With exceptional results, affordability and a speedy healing process on its side it’s no wonder Derma Eraze has now fast tracked its way to becoming one of most highly sought after treatments of the moment.  After exposing this fantastic treatment to the media our team have been inundated with requests from the beauty journalists wanting to try out Derma Eraze for themselves.

Due to high demand we have arranged not one but five press days which include appointments from some of the hottest, most influential beauty journalist from some of the leading consumer titles. By banishing stretch marks, fine lines, acne scars and skin trauma marks, without aggressively removing the skin’s epidermis (common side effects of laser, chemical peel and derma-abrasion techniques), Lorena’s press clients are now well on their way to enjoying perfect skin. For 95% of her previous clients, the technique has offered between 20% to 50% improvement with just one treatment and results can be seen in as little as one week!

Following these exceptional results just two months into working with Derma Eraze,I think it’s fair to say Derma Eraze’s unique treatment combined with Catalyst’s relationship with the press and outstanding ability to get all clients we have worked with into the public eye is a match made in beauty PR heaven.