Another record breaking week for Halo

With less than one week until Christmas I think it’s fair to say that all of us have been caught flicking through at least one of the latest’s magazines looking for a little gift idea inspiration. With this in mind Catalyst have ensured all of our clients have been listed within some of the biggest consumer titles as either the perfect gift or an essential product when creating a stunning new look for the festive season.
Halo for example were spotted last week in a string of fantastic magazines which included Celebs on Sunday, Chat magazine, National Weddings and Marie Claire!
PLUS by keeping a watchful eye on the latest celebrity style statements we have also ensured halo hair extensions is the one must have item when recreating Tulisa’s A-list new look in this week’s more magazine! Just another example of a fantastic week for halo!

In other news Big Brush Company also grace Bella’s beauty pages for the 3rd time in the last couple of months and with another date booked for January the team at Catalyst have ensured The Big Brush Company brushes are on all of Bella’s 624,000 readers’ hot lists.

Gold dust sweeps across all the consumer magazines

Deck the halls with golden glitter, as it seems body shimmer dust is the must have glamorising product this festive season.

New magazine featured our Orofluido Gold Dust atomiser on their Beauty wish list page and I must say it looked stunning! But New wasn’t the only magazine enamoured by the Orofluido Gold Dust. Since its launch early September, the Gift Set, which featured the Orofluido Hair Oil and Gold Dust atomiser has appeared in Sunday Times Style Magazine, Bliss, Brides etc, More, Hair, Irish Independent, U Magazine, KISS, Stellar, The Gloss, Social and Personal, Irish Tatler, Your Hair, Hairdressers Journal, Creative Head, to name a few.

The PR response to the Orofluido Gold Dust Gift Set has been so overwhelming; salons are reporting it as out of stock!

Golden Hour Magazine Clipping


Brides etc

iPhone Apps / Android Apps For Your Business

At Catalyst, we constantly strive to offer the latest technologies and marketing services. This year I am delighted to announce the launch of our App service, where we can offer a specially built Android App or iPhone App. Our App is mostly designed for service businesses like hair and beauty, however we can build Apps for magazines and even personal applications. We can also give you with access to your own content management system so you can update your App when you want, and fast!

Connecting to users through iPhone and Android Apps seem to be on every businesses wish list at the moment, and yet most of the time they don’t know why they want them or what they will do for their business. This is where we can help you.

Once set up the application that allows you to communicate to your customers within seconds for free! Within the App you can list all your company details, services and contact / sharing tools to make sure you connect quickly and easily.

For lots of people, the biggest business tool will be ‘push notifications’ which is simply a genuine alternative to text messaging which can be offered through an iPhone App or Android App free! It works by sending the message via the internet instead of telecommunication networks. For example, if you’re a restaurant owner expecting a quiet night, you send the message ‘20% off tonight at Mario’s Pizzeria’ via our content management system, which is instantly delivered to all users who’ve downloaded your App. Hopefully you’ll soon have customers coming through the doors and a busy night ahead of you!

The Catalyst App really could affect your bottom line and dare I say it, be your 2012 marketing hero!

For more information simply download this quick and easy PDF.

For pricing and more details email

Bella magazine loves Keratin Revolution!

Keratin Revolution was hailed as the professional hair treatment this season by Bella magazine. Bella is the nation’s favourite women’s weekly, so being touted as the must have smoothing treatment by them is very humbling!

Keratin Revolution started out as a professional in salon formaldehyde free hair smoothing treatment, but their professional products proved to be so popular with the clients, the company decided to roll out a retail version in a sleek white packaging. The range is infused with Keratin and Argan Oil which helps to soften and moisturise very dry hair without weighing it down.

Salon Business magazine interviews Anne Veck

What a mammoth year Anne Veck had! Anne picked up two prestigious awards at the acclaimed Haute Coiffure Francaise Awards in Paris, won Best Men’s category at the international AIPP Awards, held at the Alternative HAIR Show, London, became Global Ambassador of Balmain Hair Extensions, was shortlisted for Best Avant-Garde at the British Hairdressing Awards, named Hot 100 by Creative Head magazine, and last but not least, celebrated 20 years in Hairdressing in October with a mega extravaganza at her salon to raise over £2000 for the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.
Phew! Salon Business took heed to Anne’s brilliance and granted her a double page interview. Expect more from Anne next year!

When Professional Hairdresser met Skyler and Sean

Skyler McDonald and Sean Hanna, Creative Director and Salon Group Owner of Sean Hanna salons, graced the front cover of Professional Hairdresser magazine for the closing issue of the year; with a four page candid interview about the couple’s professional and personal lives. The interview was frank, funny and interesting to read. My personal favourite was the story of a photo shoot that nearly went tragically wrong when an electric-powered light hurtled towards the swimming pool, nearly electrocuting everyone, if it wasn’t for the person who leapt up from the pool to grab it and stop it plunging. What made me laugh was Sean’s carefree nonchalance as he regaled what could have been a tragic tale. To read more, grab a copy of Professional Hairdresser’s December issue, out now!

Professional Hair Dresser December Issue

A total PR wipe-out!

January’s issue of Irish bi-weekly magazine, ‘U’, featured not one, not two, not three, but EIGHT of our clients on one page! The page in question is U magazine’s regular Hair Tutorial page that featured celebrities Rihanna, Emma Roberts and Cheryl Cole and how to get their iconic red carpet hair styles. Our clients Beever, Revlon Professional, Orofluido and Uniq One were all very pleased! There should a phrase when someone bags eight product placements on one page….octa-trick anyone?

U Magazine January

2012 – The end of the World or an exciting new opportunity?

First of all – let me apologise. Our website has been down for over 4 months which is a disaster in business terms but I really feel we needed to take stock of what we had and what we were going to do going forward. I hope you like the new site – we are rolling it out incrementally over the Christmas and New Year period. I would love to have any feedback you have – simply email me at

This new section on our website is called ‘Insights’. ‘Insights’ is a new blog from me, Johnny Paterson, MD of Catalyst and a business trouble shooter. In this new blog I will cover topical business stories, new ideas and interesting examples of good and bad business models. To receive this email without having to visit this page regularly, simply click here to join our ‘In the know’ mailing list. Don’t worry, you won’t get bombarded with sales information – just good hearty advice that will help you and your business.

Anyway, back to today’s ‘Insight’. It’s about 2012, what you should expect and what you should be doing to secure and grow your business.

If you read the papers and watch any TV shows about finance, you would think 2012 means the end of the business world! I can’t deny it, things will get worse before they get better but there is some good news. Inflation will fall in the spring and because of this, consumers will have more disposable income, so today’s ‘Insight’ is all about how to capitalise on the money that is out there waiting for you to go and get it!

‘Get your house in order’
Make sure your business is looking and sounding great – if your store, shop, salon, products or even business card doesn’t look attractive then why would customers or clients pick you?

Understanding what consumers and buyers want in a tough economic climate is key. Diversifying what you do and offer will make a big difference to your operation if you add extra services to your business. And, most importantly, they are what the public and buyers want!

‘Market, Market, Market!’
Tell the world about what you do and find as many ways to market your offer as you can – flyers, advertising, recommendations, google pay per click – whatever works – do it again and again but always have more than one way of marketing.

With these key actions in place, I know your business will grow and 2012 will become an exciting new opportunity for you – for more advice call my PR and Marketing team on 020 7788 4091.