Fifteen Ways to Double Your Turnover in 2012

Here at Catalyst, we’ve developed 15 Golden Rules of business building. Please read them carefully and if you agree with at least some, if not all, then take step 15…..

  1. Brand your business and stick to it at all times! Otherwise, what are you? And how are your customers or potential clients ever going to recognise your
  2. Personalise your business – yes, get personal with your clients. They don’t want to go to a hairdressers they want to buy from Debbie. People buy from people. You can personalise your business by ensuring your picture is on more of your marketing materials – think Richard Branson (I don’t even need to mention his brand!), Stelios of Easyjet (I don’t even know the guy’s name but he has made my life easier, apparently).
  3. Ensure your team members know why they are working for you and what their and your goals are!
  4. Stay Positive, if you’re not then why would your team or employees be?
  5. Cut your expenditure by 10%! When was the last time you checked your running costs? Where could you save money? Have you asked your suppliers to give you a discount? By doing this you will save money, trust me, I did it!
  6. How do you Market your business, if you do at all? Start today, leaflets, SEO, advertising and PR can increase your clientele. Do nothing then you will get nothing! If you can afford it, hire a professional like Catalyst to help you, or go on a course with an expert like Chris Cardell.
  7. Increase your average client bill by 10%. You can do this by increasing your prices on services or products. Discounting is a great way of finding new business but should you be charging a premium for your expertise? I hope you said yes to this!
  8. Upsell! Yes, you have heard sales people say this to you before but it genuinely works. How do you do it? Simply start talking to you clients about other services you offer, I know that they won’t know everything you do and the secret to success is to at least talk about what it is you do (and enthusiastically).
  9. Increase your amount of services and do this every month. Introduce a new service every month and treat it like a product as Cadbury’s would, yes Cadbury’s. You need to make your service tangible. Example – a blow dry can be so much more than just a blow dry if you give it a name, shoot it for photography and then make posters and then market it with a seductive price.
  10. Hire mystery shoppers and hold regular client surveys to ensure that you are as good as you say you are.
  11. Build a website that is optimised for search engines like Google and has regular new content.
  12. SEO is key to building your brand. It ensures that your website comes top of a Google search. Example, if you search hair PR, my company will come within the top 4 everything meaning I get to meet a lot of new potential clients. You could do the same for your hair brand or salon. When was the last time you used yellow pages to find a something you needed?
  13. Excite your team – if they do well, tell them and where appropriate, bonus them. Share the wealth.
  14. Ask your clients to recommend you and give them something in return. If my clients find me business I give them the first half of the money of the first project!
  15. Hire Catalyst Consultancy, we have literally added thousands to our client’s salon turnover or with the brands, hundreds of thousands if not millions.Call 020 7788 4091 mentioning Fellowship

Hair and Beauty PR for Halo and Alexander Turnbull

Halo hair extensions and Alexander Turnbull Hair and Beauty have gone from strength to strength since joining Catalyst Consultancy earlier on in the year. With coverage spanning from Vogue to small local newspapers the team at Catalyst Consultancy have ensured that no stone is left unturned and no avenues are left unexplored.
Forever raising the bar and pushing the boundaries the Catalyst Consultancy’s PR department are far more than just your average PR team!

Vogue – “Update your party look with Halo Feather extensions”

Halo in Vogue
By maintaining excellent relationships with the press and having a full understanding of up to the minute trends our team of highly skilled PR consultants ensured halo’s latest launch ‘the halo feather’ was a Vogue must have hair accessory.
Shortly after this coverage hit the shelves the halo team were in undated with calls and emails from potential buyers.

Whilst maintaining regular coverage in the biggest high-flying consumer titles we also understand the importance of maintaining a good relationship with our client’s local press and pride ourselves in keeping a constant flow of coverage coming in for them locally.

Alexander Turnbull recently received this stunning double page spread in his leading local paper. From which he received a fantastic response thus adding to his ever-growing client list.
Elle Logo
Keeping it Live! In a generation where our lives revolve around the internet and everything else cyber related it is important for clients to keep their brands live through blogs, magazine websites and social media. Halo was recently posted twice in the space of one week on the highly popular ELLE magazine website among other websites.

Thanks to us here at Catalyst we introduced the halo to these well-known sites and in return they quoted about our client Elle “the ingenious halo”

As well as the consumer press it is also important for our hairdressing clients to support a firm presence in the trade press.
Here is another fantastic double page feature on Alexander Turnbull in one of the leading hairdressing trade magazines.

Just the tip of the iceberg of a fantastic year for Halo and Alexander Turnbull.

Big Brush and Halo in Marie Claire

It’s a double whammy in Marie Claire’s January issue with not only one but two of our clients making their sought after beauty pages. By maintaining constant contact with Marie Claire’s beauty team and having a clear understanding of the latest looks (fresh off the catwalks), we insured both new launches from the Big Brush Company and Halo were suitably placed and tied in with this season’s key trends.

The Big Brush Company’s Radial Brush is quoted as a brush that really works to reduce static and friction whilst Halo Hair Extensions are quoted as a way to inject some serious cool into classic hair styles and a perfect way to add body!