The Ice Clinic Launch Event!

Last Night Catalyst attended the Ice Clinic event in support of our client Julie, who was launching and demonstrating a revolutionary new hair removal system, a fat-freezing machine and hosting an evening of health and lifestyle products and advice.

The Ice Clinic, which is based in Beckenham has a mantra of “It takes more than a treatment to transform your body, it takes a customised plan”,  meaning that Julie’s business is based not only on the aesthetics, but also the health and well-being of her clients – something unique to the Ice Clinic.

Julie started the event by welcoming guests with an array of healthy nibbles, along with virgin cocktails, green ‘power’ shots and greeting all the guests with a run-down of how the evening would go.

The Smoothie hair removing system was the first to be shown, which consists of an alkaline based paste, being applied to the area and leaving for 5-10 minutes. The paste is then removed with a mineral water and then a nourishing avocado and papaya oil is applied to further hydrate the skin. The alkaline formula penetrates the skin and targets the hair follicle, to help stop hair re-growth and visibly removing any hair that may be present.

The second treatment to be shown was the new ISO Lipo machine, which targets hard-to-rid areas of fat. The machine uses a cup-like attachment to suck in the area and freeze the fat cells. Due to a cloth being placed on the area before-hand, the machine is able to target only the cells of fat, leaving no damage to skin apart from some slight bruising due to the suction process. The fat will then be drained through the lymphatic system.

The audience was then treated to a small presentation by a representative of an exciting brand named Arbonne, who offer a range of nutritional supplements to support them on their body-transforming journey. There was also a body coach on-hand to consult people on the best ways to target their problem areas and how to diet most effectively to see the results they are looking for.

It was an inspiring event and we are sure that the products and treatments will be a huge success for Julie and her salon.