Campaign Strategy and Execution

Catalyst introduced Michelle to HABIA, who immediately identified the unique knowledge and expertise that she has and formally recognised the training school as a HABIA Skills Academy, the only one in the UK specialising in Hair Extensions training. Michelle has also created a train the trainer course that she delivers herself, enabling the cascading of Extensions theory and practical knowledge to more and more professional hairdressers.

Catalyst introduced Michelle to Halo Hair Extensions for whom she became an Ambassador, creating techniques and demonstrating the products at show and events throughout the UK.

And, thanks to Catalyst, Michelle now writes a regular column for Professional Hairdresser magazine on all things Hair Extensions which in itself generates a huge correspondence, something that Michelle is happy to personally deal with.

In a little over a year, Michelle has, with Catalyst, been on a journey that has taken her from one of several extensions specialists to the pre-eminent and recognised expert in this exciting area of professional hairdressing, truly The Queen of Hair Extensions.

And that’s not all!


Michelle’s skills, as we have said, do not solely lie with Hair Extensions however. Exceptional colour work, great photography and brilliant presentation skills add up to a fully rounded Professional Hairdresser that was just bursting to have her abilities fully recognised.

Catalyst brokered meetings with The Scruples brand, for which she has recently travelled to America to train on the product and is now developing presentations and an education package with the Alan Howard Group to deliver this in the UK.

After Catalyst worked with Michelle on putting together an effective photographic team, her work is now being seen regularly in all the professional hairdressing magazines and many consumer titles – and Michelle, for the very first time, has been nominated in the Midland category of the British Hairdressing Awards 2013.

And, stop press! We have just found out that Michelle’s salon has been awarded the prestigious title of Midlands Hairdresser of the Year in the Your Hair Awards 2013… Brilliant!

Last but certainly not least, Michelle now leads the Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s Colour Project team, has appeared on stage at the Professional Hairdresser Live show and once again will feature on The Fellowship live stage at Salon International 2013.

Michelle’s personal profile and the profile of her salon and academy have undergone a radical, positive and business boosting transformation with us in just over 12 months.

That’s a perfect demonstration of The Catalyst Effect!